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W7 Hollywood Bronze and Glow

W7 Hollywood Bronze and Glow

While i was in a drugstore in Spain i stumbled across a little bargain shelf and one thing caught my eye, this rather familiar looking bronzing and highlighting palette. Dupe alert? 

Immediately when i saw this W7 Hollywood Bronze and Glow i knew i needed to buy it, not only did the beautiful cool tone bronzer and natural highlight appeal but so did the price tag. As i bought this in Spain i only paid 2 Euro 99 cent but this is available in the UK and retails for £5.95, still an incredible price. 

The price seems even better when you turn to high end brand Charlotte Tilbury and look at their Filmstar bronze and glow; noticing any similarities from the name? I don’t own the filmstar bronze and glow so i can’t say whether this is a dupe or not but i can say this is clearly w7’s attempt at making a pretty good copy. Take a look at the filmstar palette from Charlotte Tilbury’s website: 

Both duo palettes are very very similar but there is one huge difference: the CT filmstar palette is £43.05 more expensive.. no you didn’t read that wrong, it’ll set you back £49.00. 

Copycatting aside, the W7 palette stands alone as a great affordable sculpting product. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this, some saying its warm toned and some saying its cool; on me the bronzer is cool enough on my pale skin to act as a subtle contour.  If i’m honest i wouldn’t switch up my highlight for the one in this palette, its not a bad highlight and is less chalky than some but isn’t as intense enough for me. However, the bronzing side of this duo will be making its way into my daily makeup routine!

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I am so pleased i found this little duo and even more in love with the fact i paid 2.99! Have you tried either palette? Do you think its a dupe? – Maria x


Credit for the Charlotte Tilbury image goes to Charlotte Tilbury as stated.

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