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Taking a gap year

Taking a gap year

I never really do much lifestyle on my blog but today i’m going to talk to you about the last year of my life, my gap year. I thought it was fitting to do this now, not only because its around the time that most people consider taking a gap year but also because mine is coming to an end. 

This post is a little bit of a story time but theres a message in it if you’re currently at a bump in the road like i was last year.

Lets start with why i decided to take a gap year. During my second year of college i was at a bit of a cross roads; all throughout my life i and my parents had wanted me to go to university but when it came to going back to College in September 2014 i just didn’t feel the enthusiasm. Everyone else seemed excited about starting their applications and had decided what they wanted to study, but when my tutor would ask about my application i would do the classroom equivalent of hiding under the bed covers.  

It was towards the end of 2014 that i had decided i didn’t know what i wanted to do with my life, plain and simple i did not have a clue. My solution was to take a gap year “to gain life experience” is what i told everyone. When in reality, it was me wondering were my life goals from the age of 14 a lie and would i end up being the family failure. 

After i was done with my 17 year old life crisis, stopped focusing on the future and started focusing on the present i had a much clearer head. Once i stopped worrying about what i was going to do and started thinking about what was happening now, i started working harder in lessons and was able to concentrate on my A Levels, without the constant burden of worrying about getting into university.

As i was only thinking about the present i started enjoying my subjects much more, it felt more like i was in the classroom to learn rather being there just to jump to the next step and quickly realised what i wanted to study at university in the future. 

Gap year trip to NYC anyone? 

What did i do on my gap year? There are so many different types of gap years: ones where you travel, work, travel and work, work abroad or volunteer. By September 5th i knew i wanted to work, like i had said when i decided to take a gap year i wanted to “gain life experience” and even though that was just a phrase at the time it turned out to be true. 

By the second week of my gap year i had secured a full time job in retail and worked in this job full time from September to the end of July; even now in August i’m still working part time in the same place. 

Although working full time on a gap year may not be for everyone it was perfect for me, i worked constantly and learned what hard work was sometimes working 9 days in a row. Working in retail also made me more motivated to go to university, i knew i had interests that i wanted to develop and really didn’t want to work in retail forever. 

By the end of November 2015 i had my confirmed place at University. I think my crisis during college was down to the fact i was trying to focus on exams, trying to visit and research universities all while not actually knowing what i wanted to do. Life was moving too fast and it was making me unhappy, the time out made me actually realise what i wanted rather than comparing myself to what my friends were doing. 

During my gap year i also created something which literally changed my life: this blog. It was something i had considered doing for a while but never had the confidence or time, my gap year was perfect to start something like this. I was no longer in a school environment where quite frankly people would laugh at doing this and didn’t have homework or revision to focus on, so my days off and evenings were mine to use. 

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Quickly my blog became a huge part of my life and one of the reasons i’m so pleased i took a gap year. I had enough time to put my energy into something i was so passionate about which wasn’t controlled or overlooked by anyone or anything – it was managed and created by me and became one of the most important and productive things in my life. 

Working full time meant my best friend and i were able to go on the adventure of a lifetime to New York City, stay in a 5 star 5th avenue hotel and shopped till we dropped. That was in April 2016 when that time last year i was in panic mode not having a clue what life had in store for me. 

I’m posting this on GCSE results day 2016 purposely because a level and gcse results days are a time where you’re often hit with confusion and worry. If you ever come to a time in the future or present where you really don’t know what you want or what you are going to do i encourage you to think in the moment; start putting yourself first and don’t worry about others passing you by. 

It doesn’t hurt to put things on hold for a while and you may even find opportunity along the way which shapes your future. 


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