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Post ideas for bloggers block

Post ideas for bloggers block

Bloggers block, we’ve all been there: you think you’ve covered everything you could ever write about, swatched every single one of your favourite liquid lipsticks and are plagued by the little voice in your head reminding you that you haven’t posted in 5 days. 

Recently i had bloggers block, i’ve only been blogging for eight months so it had never really hit me before but this time it hit HARD. Images of me sitting in my pyjamas eating cheese and biscuits and refreshing instagram looking for ideas must be springing to your mind, right? So now that i’ve got back on track, i felt inspired to make a post to help those out who are currently stuck in a rut, here are my ten post ideas for bloggers block! (There is more than ten, they’re just divided into ten categories)

  1. Review! I’m pretty sure this is the basics of blogging, most of us are here because people need to know if something is good before parting with their cash. So, have you bought anything new recently? Or have you had something for ages that you use everyday that you’ve never dedicated a whole post to? Been to a new place? Restaurant? Activity? 

2. What routines do you do on a daily basis? This can be tailored to any type of blogger: everyday makeup, fitness, food, skincare or working routine. Or tell people about your mornings and evenings, everyone is a little bit nosy and wants to know how you’re motivated at 9 AM or what you do to wind down in the evenings.

3. What season is it? Seasonal posts cover a whole array of areas; from summer makeup looks, autumnal look-books, Christmas cookies or your annual spring clean. So is there anything specific about the season we’re in that has made you change the way you do something? Like your makeup, hair, clothes or attitude! Hauls and tutorials are great here because you can tailor them to the season to make them appropriate.

Seasonal can also mean current events; if its currently exam time you can write a post on studying tips or if theres something political happening right now, share you’re opinion on it!

4. Talk about engagement. Sharing your social stats for last month is always a winner, explain to people how you’re using twitter and Instagram to bring traffic to your blog and how they can encourage people to theirs. Posts about social media always do well on social media. 

5. Talking about traffic, if yours hasn’t been great recently you can publish your blogging goals (or other goals: fitness, health, food, skin etc) for the world to see and start making a conscious effort to draw traffic to your blog. An increase in traffic will inspire you to write and everyone else knowing your blogging goals will definitely make you more determined to achieve them. 

6. Tags. Tags are great when you’re stuck, have a look at whats floating around twitter and pick a tag that relates to your blog style. 

7. Whats in/on my? Like i said earlier, people are nosy but are also on the look out for useful tips. Posts like a ‘whats in my bag?’ are great because they kill two birds with one stone: peoples curiosity and their desire to be more organised. So, whats in/on your..bag, locker, suitcase, makeup bag, bookshelf, desk, work space or iPhone?

8. Other people are always looking for inspiration in so many areas so:

Show people how..

 you interior decorate

how you organise your makeup/books/magazines/collectables/jewellery 

See Also

how you plan your blogposts or how you stay organised as a blogger

9. Are you going anywhere exciting this week or in the next few weeks? If you have a holiday planned turn it into a travelling series, if you’re going to a blogger event turn it into content rather than just an instagram or even if you’re just having a day out turn it into the opportunity to do a OOTD or face of the day!

10. Finally utilise the time of the month/ week! See every beginning of the week or month as a fresh start with motivational posts. Or use the end of the month to do roundup posts like Instagram roundups/ a collection of photos from the month, or monthly favourites, dislikes or empties! 

Bloggers block will pass, get out of your pyjamas.

or maybe don’t. 

– Maria x


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