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First impressions: The Body Shop skincare

First impressions: The Body Shop skincare

A couple of weeks ago i was scrolling down my twitter timeline and i saw that The Body Shop have repackaged / re branded their products. I’m a sucker for packaging, if something looks nice i’m 19 x more likely to buy it – scientific fact. 

Okay look at it. Its beautiful, whoever The Body Shop employed to redesign the packaging deserves a medal or just a raise because they did so well. Before this i had never bought any skincare from The Body Shop, i had heard really good things but i just never felt the urge to spend – that shows you how well re-branding works. 

The first thing i picked up was this Tea tree 3 in 1 wash scrub and mask £8 125ml. I’ve used this a couple of times now, i think i’ll definitely be using this as a weekly treatment where i use it as a scrub and then leave it on as a mask. I really do like this, it leaves my skin feeling very clean and soft. I wouldn’t use this as a daily wash because i think it would be a little too harsh but to use this a couple of times a week would be perfect for a deep cleanse. 

I also got the Vitamin E toner £7 250ml. I actually got this for free because everything was 3 for 2 and i didn’t even realise! I wanted to pick up something to hydrate my skin after using the tea tree product because i know products like that can be a little bit drying. This is perfect! Its a lot thicker than usual toners more like a lotion but i really like it to sweep over my face after cleansing, although i bought this to use after the tea tree scrub/mask i can see this making its way into my daily routine. It really helps to prepare skin for future products and takes away any tightness from cleansers. 

Last but not least i bought the ever raved about skin defence SPF 50 £16 40ml. This is more expensive than the other products but its definitely worth it, its such a lovely thin formula that gives the high protection you need without feeling too heavy. You can add this into your daily routine without feeling like you’re adding in another step; SPF can feel like a chore but its so important to protect your skin all year round and actually makes me want to use an SPF! 

I’m so impressed with the few body shop skincare products I’ve tried and i know for sure i’m going to be purchasing more soon, especially with that packaging! I’ve heard really great things about the seaweed range so i think thats where i’ll move next but i also want to explore the full tea tree range as well. 

Have you tried any of The Body Shop skincare? – Maria x


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