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Beautyuk new launch and reviews

Beautyuk new launch and reviews

This week beautyuk approached me on twitter and asked if i wanted to tryout some of their products, one of which is not even on the market yet so you’re hearing all about it on beauty matters first! 

The two products i’ve been trailing are the beautyuk eye prime fix primer* which you can find here and the duo ended felt tip eyeliner* which will be on sale from the 15th August (tbc).

The reason beautyuk first contacted me is because i tweeted about the urban decay primer potion and they thought their eye primer could stand up against it, so i agreed to put it to the test! I’ve been using the urban decay primer potion for months now and before wearing the primer potion i had never actually worn an eye primer so had no idea how cheaper alternatives would compare. 

Now i’ve had a chance to try an alternative i can tell you, the beautyuk primer does exactly the same job. I’m using the beautyuk primer in the same way as my urban decay one so i can really test them against each other; although the beautyuk primer is thinner in consistency is actually blends out over the lid much smoother. I always found my UD primer a little harder to blend because it was quite tacky and thick but the beautyuk primer slides on over my concealer evenly. I was dreading my UD primer running out at the thought of having to spend another £20 on a tiny tube but now it looks like in the future i’ll be parting with £3.99 instead! To put it plainly my shadows didn’t crease and thats all you need with an eye primer!

Another exciting product i’ve been trying out is the beautyuk duo ended thick and thin felt eyeliner.* I don’t think felt liners get enough credit really, i use one everyday and then darken it with a little bit of liquid liner on top, i find felt liners have much quicker and easier application. Already being a fan of felt liners i pretty much knew i was going to love this, but that was confirmed when i saw how thin the ‘precision’ applicator is. 

This is one of the tinnest felt liners i’ve ever seen which i love because it means theres less room for mistakes; however if you do want a thicker line you can just switch to the other side for a more dramatic look! The liner stayed on all day, didn’t have any fading and had absolutely no transfer – basically it ticked all my eyeliner boxes! The liner went on really smoothly which meant i had no annoying dragging and was actually a lot darker than i thought it would be as a felt liner, although i did add a little bit of liquid over the top to make it slightly darker. Its also water resistant so really stays put well throughout the day.

Overall i’m so impressed with these products from Beautyuk, they’ll definitely be replacing some of my more expensive products in my daily routine and i’m really honoured to be the first person to share their new release with you! You can get the eye primer now and the eyeliner from the 15th August (tbc). – Maria x

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