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My current brow routine

My current brow routine

Even in the eyebrow obsessed time we live in i’ve never been someone who really did their brows, however with a bunch of benefit brow products being given away in magazines after their new launch and a package from Technic cosmetics i’ve changed my neglectful attitude to eyebrows.  

I’m going to share with you guys how i do my brows on a daily basis, this isn’t a HD brow instagram perfect routine but its what i find gives me defined and tidy brows in a really easy way.

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  • Okay first step: I use the little brush in my Technic brow tamer kit* to brush through my brows, creating the shape i want.
  • Then i use the Benefit ‘ready, set brow!’ to set my brows in the shape i have created with the brush. I had never used a brow setting gel before this because i didn’t see the point, but this holds them in place all day. I only realise now that brows have a mind of their own and they can move during the day.
  • The main part of my brow routine is using the Technic brow tamer kit wax and powder, I do change the brush i use to fill them in as i find the one in the kit isn’t dense enough for me, i’ve swapped it for an angled brush but you may find the brush in the Technic kit is enough for you. Until using this kit i had never used anything but a powder to fill in my brows but i had started to feel they didn’t look done enough. Thats why i love the wax in this kit, i use it to create a more defined shape so my brows appear much cleaner. I do brush a little bit of wax through my brows and then go in with the powder to fill in any remaining gaps and keep them looking natural. 

This little brow kit has changed my face, i actually feel much more confident with cleaner more defined brows because i feel like they frame my face much better. Did i mention it only costs £3???? Technic have some great products in their range all for incredibly low prices and you know i love a bargain! You can find my favourite brow kit here and the rest of their range on their website here!

What is your brow routine like? – Maria x


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