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Kylie Lip Kit review

Kylie Lip Kit review

Oh yeah i did it, i jumped on the bandwagon and paid like £40 for a lipstick and liner. Am i glad i did? Of course. 

So i placed an order for Posie K from Kylie cosmetics, I’m going to say now after just ordering one kit i wish i had added a few others into my basket not just because i feel like i really need Candy K but also because it would’ve made shipping and customs fees more bearable. Posie K however is a beautiful colour, it does come up quite dark on me so this is more of a night time colour but depending on whether i want to i do still wear it in the day occasionally. 

So from the beginning of this post you can already tell i love this lipstick, Kylie has done a really good job of making a high quality product which she can proudly attach her name to. Shes also done a really good job of the packaging and marketing; obviously a product released by Kylie would always do well but i believe the lip kits have have such success because they are a genuinely good, on trend release which she has really put her personality into. 

Do they last? I wanted to see if the hype around these was really worth it in terms of staying power, I don’t have a huge lipstick collection but i do have a good few liquid and cream lipsticks to compare the kit with and i can definitely say this is the longest lasting. Compared to other liquid lipsticks you are using much less product because you’re only going to have to top it up once a day maximum probably after eating. However there was one time where i ate and it was still fine afterwards!

How do they feel? As someone who obsesses over dry lips i was worried about how it would feel on my lips but, while being completely matte if you apply the right amount it still feels quite light on your lips. Its not overly drying and is actually one of the most comfortable lipstick formulas i own. 

The liner is also great despite the fact i really had to think about whether it was retractable or one you sharpen. I always notice the lisptick stays perfect throughout the day around the edges of my mouth and i think thats because its also where the liner is. I think the liner will run out faster than the lipstick as it already seems to be getting quite blunt after a few uses, so its good Kylie is now selling the liners separately.

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I love this lipstick but i don’t love the shipping and customs costs, hopefully they will start stocking these in the UK soon and when they do i’m guaranteed to be picking up way more colours! – Maria x

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