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Jo Browne Solid Perfumes*

Jo Browne Solid Perfumes*

Hello everyone, last week i was sent some eco friendly hand made solid perfumes from Jo Browne and have been testing them for the past week, so i’m now ready to share them with you guys!

Now my bestfriend is eco friendly crazy so i know from her the best things come packaged in bamboo, these are twist up solid perfumes all cased in ecofriendly bamboo and made with natural ingredients. I received two different scents, the oriental note and the sweet note and i love both. They are completely different fragrances and i’m very picky when it comes to perfume so i’m honestly surprised that i actually ended up loving both scents. 

Before these i had never tried solid perfumes, i had seen the ones in lush thanks to my best friend but i didn’t like how you had to stick your finger in the tin to get the product out and if i’m honest to me they didn’t smell of much. 

This is why these Jo Browne solid perfumes are so great, you can twist up the bottom just like a traditional lip balm stick when you need more product and can apply it by simply rolling the top of the stick to your writs or neck etc. In this way they remind me of roller ball fragrances but obviously they’re much better for the environment and actually a lot more convenient to keep in your handbag because you’re not worried about potential liquid spillages!

The scent really does last a long time but isn’t over powering; because they’re so handbag friendly and easy to apply you can top them up during the day if needed or if you’re carrying on somewhere into the evening!

Overall i’m really impressed with these Jo Browne solid perfumes, they’re a really good affordable ecofriendly natural alternative to traditional heavy spray bottle perfumes!

Have you tried any solid perfumes before? – Maria x


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