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Zoella beauty:Sweet Inspirations

Zoella beauty:Sweet Inspirations

When you think of beauty bloggers you think of Zoe Sugg, in inevitable. What was also inevitable was that after seeing the reveal of Sweet Inspirations, i wouldn’t be able to resist the French patisserie style packaging a had to try them for myself.

I’ve never owned any Zoella beauty before, the style of products seemed to be marketed towards a younger age group and just wasn’t something that really appealed to me even though i do like and admire Zoe. However having seen the reveal video for her new products i instantly saw Zoe was going for something different with this range; sweet inspirations definitely reflects Zoe’s personal style a lot more and appeals to a wider audience. 

Before i start the review i just want to quickly add in my experience with getting the products is no reflection on Zoe or Zoella beauty. Theres a reason why my bath latte is already practically empty and thats because it leaked during transit and covered all the other products. Thankfully i managed to salvage two products out of four, the mist and fizz bar and did manage to use some of whats left out of the bath latte for this review. Although the life is sweet makeup bag looks fine in the pictures its actually filled with bath latte which i can’t remove and its all sticky. Like i said this is no reflection on the products or Zoella beauty, feel unique have since refunded the costs and have been very helpful. 

Okay, with that out of the way lets get on with the review!

Bath Latte 400ml £6.00: This was the product i was most excited about and rightly so. It creates great bubbles and fills the bathroom with a lovely sweet scent. The packaging of this has to be one of my favourites, its a milk bottle with a rose gold lid i mean what more could you want???? What’s left in the bottle will last me through maybe two more baths but i will definitely be getting another one of these when they’re released in stores, its one of the best bubble baths I’ve used. 

Le Fizz Fizz bar 200g £5.00: I love this. It softens the water perfectly and again gives the sweet scent that this range is centred around. A lot of people complain about the fizz bars from previously ranges because they don’t change the colour of the water but that’s because they are not a bath bomb! Their purpose is to fizz and dissolve, softening the water and to create a scent. 

Body mist 45ml £8.00: The scent of the bath products is replicated perfectly in the mist, when you first spray this on it feels like you’re spraying a perfume its really well scented for a mist. It doesn’t last as long as a perfume obviously but this is perfect if you want a light scent. The mist is especially good for summer, in hot weather heavy perfumes can make you feel kind of sticky or uncomfortable, but this is perfectly light and sweet enough for hot days. 

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The life is sweet beauty bag £6.00 : this is so cute, i was most disappointed that this got ruined so I’ll be getting another one when it comes into stores. Its a really good size for your handbag and i really like how flat and compact it is. The size of this is suitable enough to hold a few handbag makeup essentials without allowing you to bring way too many, which is good because I need restriction. 

Overall i’m really impressed with the Sweet Inspirations range, you can tell how hard Zoe has worked on these and how they reflect her own style. Even my mum wants Zoella beauty now. – Maria x


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