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The makeup eraser review

The makeup eraser review

As someone with an extensive skincare routine especially when it comes to properly removing makeup, the makeup eraser which claims to remove makeup with just water intrigued me. Can it stand up to its claims?

I got given the makeup eraser at work but if you were to go out and buy the eraser it would cost you around £16.50. Now the idea on paper is good, if this actually works to remove your makeup properly you’d save money on cleansers, wipes etc and its better for the environment as it lasts up to 1000 washes. 

But long story short it doesn’t remove makeup fully. Ok i wear Estee Lauder double wear so i never expected it to work, it did remove a proportion of my foundation but nowhere near it all. When i say it removed a proportion of my makeup, i was surprised when i used my regular remover afterwards how much it had removed but like i said before nowhere near it all. 

When it comes to removing eye makeup it did a good job of removing eyeshadow and eye liner but not when it comes to mascara. Again, it removed a proportion but not it all and it just felt like there was wayyyy too much eye rubbing involved. Obviously the cloth was left with loads of black smudges which means what they say about not having to wash it everyday is unrealistic. 

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Overall i wouldn’t purchase this, it might do the job if you wear a bb cream and very little eye makeup but thats not the case with me. I’m happy to stick with my current cleansing routine which i know thoroughly removes my makeup which you can read here if you like. Like i expected the makeup eraser is just too good to be true. 

Have you tried the makeup eraser and think any differently? – Maria x


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