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Is micellar water enough?

Is micellar water enough?

Although Micellar waters have been around for years its only in the last year or so did micellar water become a staple part of my skincare routine, but is a micellar cleanse enough when it comes to removing makeup and caring for you skin? 

As Micellar waters have become more popular i can see them starting to get the reputation as a one step skincare routine or re-branded as ‘cleansing waters’. Every bottle of micellar water discusses the use of mi cells as magnets to draw out makeup and impurities and therefore i can see why so many people are tricked into thinking cleansing with micellar water is enough. 

Don’t get me wrong i love a micellar water, i use the Garnier micellar water on cotton pads everyday to remove the makeup remover from my face and it results in a completely makeup free face, prepared for my second cleanse. Thats exactly what a micellar water is for, removing makeup. Even with the talk of little magnets working magic a micellar water is not a deep cleanse, its enough to remove light product from the surface but will not clean your skin and if i’m honest won’t fully remove makeup – hence why i use a makeup removing cleanser beforehand. 

Now there is a time when a micellar water might just do enough and thats if you’ve been on a night out and its micellar cleanse or nothing or if you’re staying at someone’s house and can’t bare the thought of doing your whole skincare routine. 

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A proper skincare and cleansing routine is so important especially if you’re someone who regularly wears makeup, i know its tempting to use a micellar water and go to bed but you’ll thank yourself in the morning if you do it properly!

Do you think a micellar water is enough? 


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