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My fragrance for summer

My fragrance for summer

Its official its British summer time, my mind fills with images of beer gardens and rose tinted instagrams; its the time of the year where everyone changes their perfume because the one they’re wearing is “just not for summer”. 

The scent i’ve switched to is Chanel Chance Eau Vive, its one I’ve loved for a while, even more than the original Chanel Chance that i already own so i decided i had to get this one because you know, its summer. 

The original Chance is not a summer scent, it’s very Chanel and i find it a little bit too ‘old’ for my liking, Eau Vive however is completely different.

Eau vive is perfect for summer, its fruity but fresh, very young and floral. A lot of Chanel perfumes are more suited to an older audience (No5 I’m looking at you) but Eau vive is perfectly light for younger skin. This only comes in an EDT, but don’t let that put you off. Eau vive is much longer lasting than some EDPs i own or have owned. 

A zesty beginning, a jasmine heart with undertones of cedarwood is my perfect choice for summer, whats yours? 

– Maria x

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