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What’s in my bag?

What’s in my bag?

I really am that person, the one who’s answer is always yes when someone asks if anyone has a charging cable or gum. The other day someone at work asked me “Maria what do you actually keep in there?” referencing to my bag, before i could reply another person said “everything, she has EVERYTHING in her bag”. So this inspired me to show you guys what i keep in my handbag on a day to day basis; from essentials to emergency’s I’ve got it all.

 The bag i use most commonly is the large black longchamp tote, however i do sometimes use a rucksack when walking to and from work. The longchamp bag is one of my favourite purchases, yes i know everyone has one but its the best bag i’ve ever had; you can throw anything in here and use it for everything. Okay lets start with what i keep inside it.

There are a few things in my bag which are always in my bag, the essentials: 

Phone, purse, portable charger, keys and my oyster card. (for any of you who don’t know what an oyster card is, its the travel card we use in London, i never leave the house without an oyster card.) 

Then i have items which are always in my bag but i could live without them:

My makeup bag (lip blam, the lipstick i’m wearing that day, pressed powder, brush, deodorant and a travel size perfume).

Another little bag with pain killers and pads because you know. 

An umbrella (this is usually a January-may item)

Snacks etc:

Bottled water, Tupperware box with (usually) a croissant,  banana, and some gum.

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Depending on what i’m doing that day or where i’m going there will be more or less in my bag, for example i might be bringing out my laptop or just a notebook. My list may seem unrealistic but i find i (or others) do use the things in my bag on a daily basis, i hope you guys have enjoyed having a look inside my bag and maybe found some things you could be putting in yours. 


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