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Skincare Routine For Summer

Skincare Routine For Summer

My first ever post was my skincare routine but as its something i’ve been changing up a lot recently i thought i’d update you guys with my current routine for summer; this came at a perfect time just as luxury online boutique farfetch asked me to show you guys my routine and tips in honour of their new beauty selection. 

In this post i’m going to talk you through my night time routine because my morning routine is the same it just excludes a few steps, so this way you’ll know the full routine and what to exclude for the morning time. Farfetch beauty is full of products i see bloggers using which I’m currently lusting over, i’m also going to show you the products i’d replace my current ones with from farfetch beauty from my farfetch wishlist.

Lets start with the first cleanse: makeup removal. 

To remove my makeup i use three products, this may seem like a lot but i wear Estee Lauder double wear foundation which requires specific products to remove it completely. First i use one and a half pumps of the Estee Lauder Perfectly clean triple action cleanser and put this directly onto my face and massage in. The foam will turn into a liquid and you’ll begin to see the makeup breaking down almost immediately. To remove the cleanser and makeup you could use water but to ensure I’m getting all the makeup and grime from London’s air off my skin i use Garnier micellar water, on a couple of cotton pads to remove both the cleanser and all my face makeup. For eye makeup removal i use the No7 beautiful skin eye makeup remover on damp cotton pads, this is a basic step and basic remover but this and the Lancome bi facil eye makeup remover are the only ones i’ve found that don’t sting my eyes. 

From farfetch: I’d love to try the Rodial Dragon’s blood cleansing water to see how a higher end cleansing water compares to the Garnier version, also i’d love to see how the Oskia perfect cleanser tackles double wear foundation.

Second cleanse: 

Now for the second cleanse and my first tip: always second cleanse. Removing your makeup and thinking you’re finished is like getting in the shower, wetting your hair and getting out again – you haven’t actually cleaned anything. This is the same when it comes to skin; just removing your makeup is not enough, you need to clean the skin underneath. 

For my second cleanse i use the lush ultrabland cleansing balm. I massage this into dry skin until it melts down to an oil like balm and wait a couple of minutes before using a liz earle muslin cloth* to remove it. I cover the muslin cloth in hot water and place it over my face like a mini steam, then i use sweeping motions with the cloth to take away the cleansing balm and anything still left on my face. 

From farfetch: I’d replace my cleansing balm with the Eve Lom balm cleanser or Sunday Riley blue moon tranquillity cleansing balm. There’s something about using cleansing balms which makes a skincare routine more enjoyable and i think trying these would be amazing.

Tone: Toning is where i have a couple of tips because they can either be really good or really bad.

Tip 1: This is the most important thing about toning and skin in general; you cannot shrink, close or change the size of your pores in any way. Toners or anything that claim to do this are lying. Some toners contain a load of drying agents to strip your skin of oils and cause the skin to become tight therefore making pores appear tighter. These toners are not good for your skin even if they do make your pores appear tighter, they will eventually result in an over production of oils. 

Tip 2: Look at the ingredients of toners which translate to the purpose of different toners. There are two basic purpose toners: to exfoliate the skin through chemical exfoliation or to help prepare your skin for serums and moisturisers. Exfoliating toners will have acids like glycolic or lacitc acid which encourage cell renewal and therefore renewal of the skin’s surface. Other toners will have humectants like glycerine to help retain moisture in the skin and therefore prepare for serums and moisturisers.

So, after cleansing i would usually apply a toner onto a cotton pad and sweep it across my whole face, i’m not currently doing this step, i’ll get onto why in a minute. If i was currently toning i would be using the skinetica toner for my blemishes or first aid beauty facial radiance pads in the morning or the pixi glow tonic at night. 

From farfetch: For my oily t-zone i think the REN clarimatte clarifying toner would be perfect here.

Now for serums and moisturisers: my tip here is mainly for people with oily skin and that is simply to not avoid moisturisers! So many people with oily skin avoid hydration because of their already oily skin, but it is so important to hydrate oily skin because lack of hydration is what could be causing an over compensation of oil in the first place.

Currently i’m using a mix of the 10% glycolic acid lotion and the Neutrogena oil free moisturiser at night to try and shift my acne marks. This is why I’m not currently toning because of the high percentage of glycolic acid and in the morning i’m using a generous amount of the Neutrogena moisturiser by itself. For serums i like the Estee lauder enlighten serum which although didn’t help my acne marks did improve the look and feel of my skin. 

For drier skin wanting a glow for summer I’d recommend the Eucerin even brighter night cream, this is a little bit on the thick side for my combination skin but i do use it on my dry areas a couple of times a week. 

Overnight is usually the time where i work on hydrating my hands and lips which have been really dry recently. To do this i’m using the cult favourite Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream which to me is like a really intensive balm.

See Also

From Farfetch: My most wanted product from farfetch has to be the Sunday Riley Luna sleeping night oil, it seems like something so special that is raved about constantly that I’d love to try. Up there with the Luna oil is the lancer the method: nourish blemish control as i love anything that claims to hydrate and tackle blemishes. 

Finally an added step into my routine is my weekly or twice weekly face mask. My particular favourites are dr jart sheet masks but as they are quite hard to get in the uk i often opt for the masque bar masks which are more readily available. 

My final tip: use a mask primer! I thought this would be a novelty when i first bought it but honestly i notice such a difference when using the origins maskimizer mask primer. 

From farfetch: I’ve been looking at the selction of masks and peels on farfetch and honestly i can’t choose a favourite, there are so many cult favourites which i’d love to try and so many that i’ve never seen before which also seem amazing. Check it out for yourself and see the variety.

Annnnd thats everything! My skincare routine is something that i really enjoy doing and I’m sure I will be expanding it even more with farfetch and their new beauty lines; its full of products that i see on instagram every day and think “where the hell could i get that in the UK?” but now everything is in one place.

Tell me about your skincare routine in the comments!

Maria x

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This post is in association with farfetch.

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