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Makeup and brush storage.

Makeup and brush storage.

Hi again everyone! Last week i did a post on some ebay makeup brushes, so this week i thought i’d show you how i store all of my brushes and makeup. In the current age of bloggers and YouTubers makeup collections are massively expanding but if you don’t find some ways to store things it can end up in one huge mess like mine was before i got organised. 

The first thing i wanted to show you guys was how i store my brushes, i actually use a pen holder from amazon which you can find here. I don’t know how anyone could have enough pens to fill this thing but it works great for brushes; it has 5 different length and size tubes which make it perfect for any size brush. As you can see from the photo below the tubes make the brushes fall in a way that they can all be seen so you can see exactly what you’re looking for and the acrylic material makes it match my other storage; i think clear acrylic is the best finish to make everything look clean and put together. I also wanted to point out here what great quality storage this holder is, the acrylic is quite thick and heavier than you’d expect.

Now for how i store my makeup, while photographing this post i realised i probably need a slightly bigger one of these or just another one all together because it is now full and i could use more space. But currently i’m using a five drawer muji acrylic storage unit which i think is large enough for most makeup collections. 

I don’t have drawers dedicated to one type of makeup, i do try to keep certain things together like lip products but more or less i just fit things where i can. I’ll start by showing you the top of my storage where i keep things i use daily. 

So like i said i use the top of my storage unit for things i use daily that don’t change like my foundation and primers, and perfumes i wear most of the time. I also use the big blue jar to hold any makeup brushes i don’t use as regularly as the ones i keep in the holder.

The first drawer is filled with small eyeshadow quads and then i fill the remaining space with some nail varnishes. 

The second drawer is more eyeshadows but slightly larger palettes and some brow products as well, although the drawers are slim i find i can stack two pallets on top of each other but no more.

The theme with the third drawer is mainly long thin products so lots of eyeliners, concealers, stick eyeshadows and mascaras. I find its good to group these together because it means you can fit the most along side each other because they’re all a similar shape. 

Forth drawer is one of my favourites, its mainly compacts/singles and two of my favourite palettes.

Finally my last drawer is filled with some of my favourite lip products and some other random items which wouldn’t fit anywhere else.

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing how i store my makeup and brushes and maybe picked up some ideas for your own storage. Do you have any tips for ever expanding beauty storage? 

Maria x

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