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Ebay brush dupes???

Ebay brush dupes???

My first ever makeup brushes were bought from Amazon for £3.99, they even came with a carry case and i still use some of the brushes today. Even though its probably hugely unsanitary to use brushes from 2012 the point is they’re still good; they wash up perfectly and i’ve never experienced any bristles falling out. Although i own my fair share of real techniques and mid range brushes i’m always drawn to the cheaper brushes because i’ve found so many amazing quality ones in the past. So i wanted to see if duplicate brushes from brands like RT and Mac could stand as competitors for the real thing. 

I ordered two sets of brushes, a set of 7 real techinques bold metals duplicates and a set of 4 mac duplicates for the 224,217,239,219 brushes. Lets start off with the bold metals face brush duplicates.

I’m going to start by saying these are a little bit hit and miss, two are good brushes and two i wouldn’t reach for again. The triangle foundation brush is actually the one i was most looking forward to trying because its such a unique shape, however it was the one i was most disappointed by; i actually first used it for bronzer but i found it didn’t hold the pigment at all and even though all the brushes felt soft to touch when on the face it did feel quite wiry. The powder brush is another that wasn’t amazing, again it didn’t hold the powder that well, it wasn’t a disaster but i just wouldn’t swap my current one. The two i was pretty pleased with were the flat contour brush and the tapered brush, for the price they performed well; the contour brush was dense enough to work and and tapered brush was fluffy enough for a light bronzer or blush application. 

The bold metals set contained the three eye makeup brushes that also come in the range; a tapered brush, fluffy blending and an angled brush. Overall these did perform well, the two shadow brushes are soft and helped to blend out shadows well. I’ve been using the angled brush for my eyebrows because that one isn’t soft at all, it does feel kind of like a toothbrush but i’ve found that with a lot of angled brushes; it did just as well as my current angled brush and i’ll definitely be using it in my daily makeup in the future.  

Moving onto the mac ‘dupes’ for the 224,217,239 and 219 brushes; again these felt soft to touch but not as soft on the eye. The actual shapes of the brushes are good but i think they need to be slightly more dense and softer to aid blending a little bit better. The four brushes only cost £4.99 so they’re okay quality for the price but you can get better.

From going through the thousands of brushes on eBay and trying these out i’ve learned that brush dupes are always going to be hit and miss like eBay can be; you never really know whats going to arrive. The majority of the brushes are a decent quality for the price however you can get better brushes from sellers who aren’t intending on copying a certain type of brush who are just making brushes as a manufacturer. Like i said at the beginning of the post i’ve had some amazing quality brushes from Amazon and eBay in the past which have been from sellers not intending on copying a brand. 

I’m going to do a follow up post in the future on finding some really good quality cheap ebay/amazon brushes which aren’t set on simply creating duplicates. For now you can find the products mentioned below:

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I also wanted to link an eye makeup brush set i got from Amazon last year which has proven great quality and something i use everyday. 

If you guys have any really good brush finds i’d love to know about them, Maria x

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