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Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes

On Friday i visited the Charlotte Tilbury store in Covent Garden, its possibly the most beautiful store in London and while i was there i had to pick up the new Legendary Lashes mascara.

The mascara is in the traditional gold Charlotte Tibury tube with a pair of fluttery eyes on the side, if i’m honest the packaging and the burgundy bag sealed with a gold sticker was enough to convince me to pay the £25 it retails for. Before buying this i was convinced i had hit the jackpot with the benefit roller lash and always avoided large bristle mascara brushes but after watching Wayne Goss’ video saying this was the best mascara ever i had to put it to the test on my own difficult lashes. 

I can clearly see the difference this makes to my lases, it gives incredible results and actually makes me feel much more comfortable going eyeliner free. All of the before and after pictures in the Charlotte Tilbury store and on the website are after three coats, I’m always a little scared of three coats of mascara so I’m happy with sticking to two to avoid any clumping or unnecessary weight on my lashes. 

While i was applying this, looking at one mascara-free eye and the other with long black lashes i was reminded of the benefit they’re real ad campaign, you know the one i mean. What i will say however is that it is very messy, its an incredibly wet formula so you have to be really careful when applying it. I’m still working out how to stop getting loads of black marks on my eyelids and ruining my eyeshadow. 

Legendary Lashes doesn’t flake or fall during the day but does come off with ease which is something important to me as removing my eye makeup is the part of my cleansing routine i really dislike, which has proven difficult with my past benefit mascaras, 

Overall first impressions are really good i don’t want to be put off by the messiness because i think after using this for a while i will learn how to work with it for perfect application. 

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Is this the best mascara ever? Possibly. If you guys think there’s a better mascara than this I’d love to know in the comments so i can try some out, but for now i’ve got my #1. 

Maria x


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