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The difference between men and women’s skincare.

The difference between men and women’s skincare.

Today i wanted to talk about the difference between men and womens skincare and why there are different isles dedicated to each one.

The main difference is that there isn’t one.

use what you like

a face is a face

a face wash advert with a woman dancing around on it won’t turn you into a woman if you use it

just like if you use the nivea post shave balm as a primer you won’t grow a beard

Ok, sarcasm aside this is an issue thats been on my mind a lot recently and i really just wanted to highlight how stupid gender specific marketing is on this blog, because i don’t want to ignore the issues within the industry while most of my posts are related to that industry.

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This post was inspired by the guy who came into work looking for face wash and when i brought him to the regular skincare isle he responded with “no darling i mean mens face wash, its for me” also by the systematic processes within society for making people think like that.

Each face is different regardless of gender, tailor to the needs of your skin not whats in your pants.

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