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New York in pictures

New York in pictures

Hello there everyone, i’m back in London and still slightly confused about what day it is. However even though i’m only on my first full day back the guilt of not posting in over a week is getting to me so, i thought i would do a little picture round up post of my trip to NYC to update you guys. In photography terms my trip was a little bit of a failure: one incident being just getting on the staten island ferry and my camera running out of battery. My phone space was so limited so i was deleting photos left right and centre but i did manage to get a good few photos from each thing we did and saw.
Our first full day Thursday April 7 was a jam packed one, we left our hotel at 9:30 am spent the whole day walking and didn’t get back until after 11 pm.

Our first trip of many to Macys.

Starting on fifth ave.
Our first NYC breakfast .

Exploring grand central.

At night we went up to the 208th floor of the empire state.

We spent so much time out walking on our first day that we wanted our second to be slightly more relaxing so on Friday we explored central park and did some more shopping.

New York bagels for breakfast in Central Park.

On Saturday it poured down in NYC, we got breakfast from the isadora cafe opposite the hotel and got starbucks in times square. In the afternoon we explored midtown west and some markets; after that we walked to the upper west side and in the evening we walked nearly all the way to the east village to get pankakes in ihop. 

Pretty stereotypical midtown west buildings.

Hiding from the rain in times square sephora.

Sunday was a beautiful day, the sun shined but it was very cold out we decided this was the best day to do the bus tour. We took it down to the south of Manhattan, passing the east village, the memorial, wall street and getting off right at the tip of Manhattan to get the staten island ferry and the ferry to the statue of liberty,

The east village seems much more
relaxed than midtown. 
View from the staten island ferry.

Monday was another beautiful day in New York, we got ourselves metro cards and got the subway down to the brooklyn bridge and crossed over to brooklyn heights for lunch and the rest of the afternoon.

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Tuesday was spent shopping as much as possible, as it was our last full day in the city we wanted to get our families presents and get some nice things for ourselves. They’re aren’t really many pictures from this day as it was spent shopping and in the back of yellow cabs. While we we’re in the victoria secret store one of the assistants told us some of the angels were actually in the store hence all the security but seen as it was the largest victoria secret store in the world we couldn’t even find them lmao.

I’m going to leave it here as like i said Tuesday was a shopping day and Wednesday was spent mainly travelling and getting a few last minute things for our families. I really hope you have enjoyed looking at some of the things i got up to in New York City, i’ll be back with more posts soon to do with my exciting skincare and makeup purchases from america. 

Maria x

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