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New York Beauty Haul

New York Beauty Haul

American drugstores are much bigger than i ever dreamed of; can you imagine going into boots and being able to buy a 6 pack of beers, pick up your prescription and buy a bucket and spade? You can in walgreens. On the other hand sephora is much smaller than i thought, i imagined it to be like a department store devoted to makeup and skincare but that didn’t stop it still being incredibly pretty. Today i’m going to show you guys the makeup and skincare i bought in New York, starting with the makeup.

I think the thing i was most excited about buying was this Hourglass ambient strobe powder in iridescent light. Its so beautifully shimmery i think we spent a total time of about half an hour just looking at how the different hourglass powders, blushers and highlighters glittered. I went for iridescent light as it isn’t overly bright but can be made more intense with wet brush application. It does give a really nice highlight to the skin without being over powering or like you’ve just got one straight line of highlight over your cheek bones. The finish is really natural but highlighted and the pink tone works well with my pale skin.

When i told the lady in benefit while trying to decide whether to get the matte rescue or regular porefessional that i hadn’t tried either she gasped. In the end i made decision making easier for myself and bought both the matte rescue gel and original porefessional because you can layer them to create my idea of a perfect base. The gel is good for mattifying and keeping me shine free for longer and the porefessional does give your skin a silky pore free look without that annoying ‘rolling off the skin’ thing that some pore minimising primers give you. I also picked up my favourite mascara the benefit roller lash.

I had been hearing some really good things about tarte cosmetics recently and looking at their tartelette 2 palette’s appealing shades i decided i had to get it. I’ve used this palette a few times now and the shadows are really well pigmented and i don’t notice much fall out with them either. However they do crease which i was disappointed at so my next purchase was bought to fix this issue.

I’ve never really bothered with eye primers before but because i was slightly let down by the Tarte shadows creasing i thought no better time to get the cult favourite urban decay primer potion. I didn’t plan on buying this but now i’m so glad i did; its amazing. I can see why this is known as the best, my tarte eye shadows were still perfect after 12 hours of wearing them, when before using the primer they would crease quite badly.

Moving onto drugstore makeup, i purchased a wet and wild setting powder, one eos lip blam simply because it was so much cheaper than in the uk and some nyx lip products. Everywhere that we went most of the nyx lip products mainly lip creams we’re out of stock in the most popular shades, however i did manage to pick up three different nyx lip products.

I’ve swatched the three nyx products i got starting (bottom to top) with the lip butter lipstick in root beer float, soft matte lip cream in Zurich and butter gloss in creme brulee.

They didn’t have testers for anything but i’m pretty pleased with what i picked up, the gloss is slightly lighter than what i would’ve usually gone for but i’m sure i’ll make sure of it in summer.

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Moving onto skincare which i bought a lot less of than i expected. This was because i used two neutrogena products on my face which ruined by skin while i was in New York; they left my skin peeling, cracked and weeping so i wasn’t as inspired to buy many skincare products except ones that would help rehydrate my skin quickly. So i purchased 4 Dr. Jart masks, two to help fix my dry skin and two for later once my normal skin was back. I’ve so far only used the Vital Hydra Solution mask which was amazing, it really helped my dry skin and completely rehydrated it, it also really helped with the overall look and condition of my skin. I purchased three other masks , the water replenishment, pore minimalist and brightening infusion mask. I haven’t used these yet but if they are as good as the first mask, they will be amazing.

To go along with the masks, i bought something i had read about before my trip and that is the origins mask primer. As far as i’m aware this is pretty new and something that i had never really thought of as a thing before. Having only used it with the Vital Hydra Solution mask i’m not entirely sure of its effectiveness but my experience with the mask was really good so it could’ve been partially down to this. The ingredients in the primer seem good, lots of humectants to hold in moisture and natural ingredients to maximise the effects the mask has. I’ll definitely be using this before every mask i apply in the future.

Finally from skincare i purchased the first aid beauty facial radiance pads, i’ve been using these since my skin has improved as the toning step in my skincare routine. So far i haven’t seen a difference in my skin but i’ll get back to you on that one when i finish the tub.

The last thing i bought in terms of beauty is the YSL black opium perfume, i’ve loved this scent for a while but never took the plunge to buy it but i thought i might as well while i was in New York. I’m so glad i did, it smells amazing and its so long lasting.

Thats it for all the beauty products i bought while in new york city, this was a reallllly requested post so i hope you guys have enjoyed reading about all the pretty things i picked up. You can read my last post here which is a picture round up of my trip. Have a good day guys, see you soon!

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