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Travelling series:Travel organisation tips.

Travelling series:Travel organisation tips.

Ever since i was about 9 i would organise our holidays, that sounds ridiculous but its true. When booking our yearly family holiday i would sit at the desktop computer and google flight times and prices and write them down for my mum and dad; even when it came to paying i would put in the card details (I think this is why i’m slightly addicted to online shopping). So with literally years of experience i’ve come to be very organised when it comes to travel, so today i’m going to share some of my tips with you to make everything before you get on the plane go to plan.

Obviously the most important part of travelling is making sure you have your passport and tickets, so for years now i’ve had this little stripy travel organiser from Bombay Duck London. They wouldn’t sell the one i use any more because i got it in 2008 and still love it but you can find a similar one here. I love this one because it has a place for cards, which means i can keep my European health insurance card safe which i only use when travelling. It also has specific places for your passport, tickets and money. This means everything is kept together neatly and will fit well in your handbag, its also great because its so bright so you can spot it quickly when needed.

Now even though you have your passport and tickets safe in the travel organiser in this day and age of travel you often have a lot more documents than just the basics. I know for my trip i have my ESTA, flight and hotel confirmation, hotel voucher, transfer confirmation and transfer voucher. As these documents are all printed PDFs they are all A4 size so i’ve put them all together in one of my old folders i used to use in school for projects. This is really handy because the folder is thin and compact and allows you to see the whole document as you turn the page instead of having to go through a pile of sheets when you need just one. 

One last thing i will say about keeping documentation safe and readily available is to keep them in a separate exclusive pocket or compartment which doesn’t contain anything else. No matter how much i try to keep my handbag organised i know it’ll get messy so its easier to keep everything separate so you don’t have that emptying your handbag out on the floor at the gate moment. 

Here are some quick general organisation tips:

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  • In terms of timing and organisation i always like to look into the suggested time the airline gives you for check in and when their check in desk closes. This can vary between airline and change depending on your destination ie. if you’re going on a domestic or international flight so its important to check even if you think you’re already good with time. 
  • Make lists!!! Lists are already part of my daily routine but they are especially important when flying so you don’t forget anything. I suggest doing this a while before flying so you can add things to the list that you remember as time goes on. You’re never going to remember everything in one go even when you’re making a list so you probably won’t remember everything if you’re going straight to packing. 
  • Finally on the packing side of things i think its good to group items together like jewellery or electrics, here I’m using a little makeup bag to put all of my chargers, wires and headphones in so they’re not loose in my carry on. 

I hope these tips will give you some inspiration on how to keep yourself organised when you travel. Have you got any travel organisation tips you swear by?

– Maria

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