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Travelling series:In flight beauty routine.

Travelling series:In flight beauty routine.

Hi everyone, it’s the second week of march now so its time for the second part of my march travelling series which is my in flight beauty routine. I’ve watched and read a lot of these recently and i have to admit mine isn’t as intensive as some. My main focus on a long haul flight is to remove my makeup as soon as possible and get my face clean and then to keep it clean and hydrated. So my in flight beauty routine isn’t one that involves sheet masks and eye patches which to be honest i think is a lot more realistic for those of us who are sitting in economy.

My initial in flight routine is divided into two steps:

Step 1: Remove any makeup, i do this as soon as i get into the house after work so i can’t imagine being on a long haul flight with even a small amount of makeup on. My aim here is to get my makeup off using a non rinsing method so i don’t hog the bathrooms and don’t have to bother the people next to me. If you read the first part of my travelling series you’ll know i bring a self standing magnifying mirror to make everything do able from my seat. First i’ll pump out some Estee Lauder perfectly clean triple action makeup remover and cover my entire face until its completely off my hands. Then i’ll soak cotton pads in micellar water and take off the makeup and Estee Lauder cleanser with the micellar water. This method leaves the face free of makeup and very clean without having to use any water.

Step 2: In a normal skincare routine i would now double cleanse with a balm but that’s a bit difficult on an aeroplane so i’ve replaced this step with toning, spraying my face with a hydrating mist and following with a serum. I’ll tone with my botanics all bright toner, hydrate using my sanctuary spa hydrating feather light facial mist and i’ll use my Estee lauder enlighten serum. 

Following the two steps i will go through the flight re applying hand cream, hand gel, lip balm and my facial mist to keep even my oily skin hydrated because the recycled air is so drying. My favourite hand cream to use is the soap and glory hand food which helps to fix my dry hands in the winter so works great for the aeroplane air; my favourite lip balm is the Carmex vanilla in the stick formula because i find it is thicker than the regular tube and smells nicer too.

Once were about an hour until landing i will start the second routine which is divided into three steps:

Step 1: is to refresh and prepare my skin for makeup. So i’ll usually brush my teeth apply some deodorant and perfume and then use the Estee Lauder perfectly clean to give my face a wash. I’ll reapply my facial mist and serum to my skin to further prepare it for makeup as well.

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Step 2: Here is when i would put in my contacts and eye drops (obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone).

Step 3: Apply makeup, obviously not all people would even bother putting makeup on the morning of travelling at all let alone while on a plane but i will still apply foundation, concealer and mascara so i look like a normal human being when landing at my destination. The foundation i will use is the Estee lauder double wear foundation, collection lasting perfection concealer under my eyes and either benefit roller lash or soap and glory thick and fast mascara.

I hope you guys have enjoyed hearing about what i do on the plane to keep my face clean, hydrated and looking normal; sitting on a plane for over 7 hours can get very boring but creating a little routine can keep you entertained and its good for your skin. I’ll see you guys in my next travelling series post which will be my travel organisation tips.

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