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Travelling series:Carry on essentials.

Travelling series:Carry on essentials.

Hi everyone, like i said in my last post the month of March will be my travelling series full of organisational tips and ideas to do with long haul travelling. I’m that person that is almost more excited for the journey than the holiday so today’s post will be my carry on essentials that i will be bringing on the plane with me on my trip to NY.

I’m going to split the post into three sections:

  • General carry on items 
  • Beauty carry on items
  • and things that i don’t need to put into my carry to use on the plane but are items i can’t risk loosing if the airline lost my bag. 

Lets start with general items which will go in my carry on bag; these are things that you need either to get onto the plane or will need in flight. 

  • First things first are the things you cannot forget, like your passport/boarding passes/confirmations; these are obviously the most important items in your carry on and need to be in your carry on so you can get to them easily and present them when needed. 
  • A neck pillow is an essential for me because i’m fussy when it comes to pillows and i pretty much know i won’t like the ones they supply. I got my memory foam one from Amazon for £9.99 and its dense enough to actually support your neck. 
  • A portable charger is an essential in everyday life now but particularity important for long haul travelling, you probably won’t get the chance to charge your phone for multiple hours and everyone knows an iPhone battery isn’t amazing. So i find it helpful to carry a portable charger with me so i’m able to fully charge my phone before we land so i’m connected once on the ground. Mine is from Poweradd on Amazon for only £6,99.
  • I can’t live without headphones on a daily basis so i don’t know how i’d cope without them on a long haul flight; i know they supply them but i love to have my own regular earpods from apple. Also on this flight i’m bringing a headphone splitter so me and Olivia can listen to something at the same time if we want.
  • Aeroplane cabins are dirty places and because i do have some sort of beauty routine on the plane i need to make sure my hands are clean without getting up every half an hour, so i bring a little hand sanitiser. Mine is the soap and glory hand maid.
  • Finally my last general carry on item is a book, you never know if you’re going to be the unlucky one with the faulty IFE.

Now for beauty Carry on items (I’m going to do a separate in flight beauty routine post so i won’t go into too much detail and products will be linked in the next post).

  • Things to remove my makeup without rinsing: Estee lauder perfectly clean and Garnier micellar water.
  • Things to further cleanse once makeup is removed: toner, moisturising face mist and serum.
  • Things to keep me moisturised while in flight dryness is attacking: Hand cream,lip balm and face mist.
  • Magnifying mirror, contact lenses and eye drops before landing.
  • A little atomiser of perfume or sample size.
  • and finally makeup before we land: beauty blender, primer, foundation, concealer and mascara.

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I think everyone worries that the airline will lose their bag so there are a few items i put into my carry on that i don’t need for the plane but will need for the holiday in general so its reassuring to know they’re with me at all times. Things like:

  • My exchanged currency
  • Chargers and electrical items like adaptors for the country you’re going to.
  • A change of clothes 

I hope you guys who are travelling in the future find this little list of items helpful when planning for your trip, i really think taking the extra step to do things like looking after your skin and planning ahead makes for a more comfortable flight. I’ll see you guys in my next travelling series post which will be my in flight beauty routine.


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