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Spring Makeup Picks

Spring Makeup Picks

The clocks have gone forward, we’re officially in British summer time and even though it doesn’t really feel that ‘springy’ yet i have made a few changes to my every day makeup to coincide with the changing season. So i wanted to make a post to show you guys the products which have made their way into my everyday makeup for spring, some of which are brand new products for spring 2016.

The first product i’ve picked up for spring is the new Revlon ultra HD matte lip colour in the shade 600 devotion; i’m someone who never wears colour on my lips but i was convinced by these. They dry matte but are not drying at all, are not sticky, very opaque and really long lasting. My spring looks contain a lot of pink and this shade devotion is the perfect pink for me; they have 8 shades in the rage ranging from nudes to deep reds. If i was going to suggest trying one product from this post this would be it, i am in love with the colours and formulation of these matte liquid lipsticks. 

 Vogue April is telling me that lashes are in so, for spring i’m skipping eyeliner quite a bit and focusing on elongating my lashes and keeping my look soft. My lashes are difficult to work with but there is one mascara that really works for me and that is benefit roller lash; it works really well to curl and lift my lashes while making them appear much longer.

Since switching my foundation i no longer wear concealer on blemishes any more so i wanted to purchase a concealer which focuses on brightening under the eye, something i hadn’t been too bothered about in the past. I picked up the new seventeen skin wow concealer and if i’m honest i was really drawn to this product because of its packaging; its pretty obvious that this is based on the YSL tocuche eclat and i wanted to see how well it worked as a £4.99 alternative. Overall i wasn’t blown away, even though the consistency is thicker than some it didn’t completely cover my dark circles. Its a good product for £4.99 but i do think the collection lasting perfection concealer is a better all rounder for brightening and concealing. This concealer would probably work for someone with a medium skin tone with only small dark circles to really brighten under the eyes; if you’re pale like me or have a darker complexion the 2 shades are too limited.

The whole spring look i’m going for is quite bright and that couldn’t be achieved without some blusher, i’ve had this soap and glory love at first blush blusher for a while but rarely used it in the winter months. For spring i’m using a small amount of this shimmery blusher/highlighter to add a hint of pink to my pale cheeks without going overboard as i find this can be quite powdery when the brush hits the product.

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Finally back to eyes i’ve been using a palette which looks quite autumnal but adapting it for spring using the pinks, golds and brown shades to create some pretty soft looks. This is the makeup revolution flawless palette which is a really great versatile palette for all seasons at a great price; if i could only own one palette i’d probably choose this one because you can create so many different looks. 

swatches will be in my upcoming march faves

Happy spring everyone! 


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  • I loved this post, I'm already a big fan of Roller Lash and that Soap & Glory blush but I think I need to add that eyeshadow pallette to my makeup collection too – I can't wait to see the swatches in your march faves post!!
    Lots of love,
    Leah x

    • Aw thank you, yess the palette is amazing!! In my March faves I only swatch my three favourite shades but I might do a full swatch post in the future; even so you can really see the pigment in the swatches I have in my next post – it'll be up tomorrow!!
      Tysm for reading,
      Maria x 💘

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