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Battle of the drugstore eyeliners

Battle of the drugstore eyeliners

As i read the title of this post back to myself i think of that ‘ding ding!’ you get before a boxing match except the boxers are eyeliners… Moment of insanity aside eyeliner changes your whole look; when i don’t wear it people think i’ve got hardly any makeup on when really i’ve just skipped my wing. Its a product that every single brand has and have multiple versions of. Today we’re sticking to 7 liquid and pens to find out which one out preforms the rest from the drugstore.

Obviously you can get more than 7 eyeliners when visiting your local boots or superdrug but i have picked these 7 as ones that have been recommended to me or have sparked my interest over others. I don’t really have a worst out of the bunch so i’ll start with the ones i wasn’t as impressed with and work my way to the best. 

Lets start of with maybelline master ink* in matte black which actually featured in a favourites post a few months back. When i first got this i was really impressed, initially the pigment is really dark and i liked the idea of a matte finish however it does fade slightly during the day. Fading though isn’t really the issue here as i find this really transfers onto the top of my eyelid into my socket to the point where it looks like weirdly blended eye shadow. Maybe this would’t transfer as badly if you had a drier skin and paired it with a primer, overall 4/10 it doesn’t get a 3 because the applicator is actually quite precise compared to some. 

Moving onto the first ever liquid eyeliner i ever had in the form of a felt tip, the soap and glory supercat. As this was my first ever eyeliner i’d say it is great for beginners but one of the most expensive featured in this post. The eyeliner for me isn’t dark enough but thats why i feel it would be good for younger beginners as it would help keep the look soft. The felt tip applicator makes it really easy to apply but it is on the thick side, i actually really like this applicator if i want to do a thicker 60s inspired style which i’ll use to create my shape and the fill with another liquid. There isn’t too much of a problem with transfer here but it isn’t my favourite because of its lack of pigment and because it dries up very fast. 5/10 its not a bad liner but there are better for cheaper.

Now for the eyeliner i was disappointed by not really by its staying power or transfer but by its application and removal. The rimmel exaggerate liquid eyeliner was one that was most recommended to me so i expected the most; however it was very dry going on and really felt like it was dragging my eyelid similar to one of the old hard pencil eyeliners. The applicator wasn’t as precise as others which meant it was more difficult to create thinner lines and when removing the liner felt very dry, flaky and difficult. I’d probably give it a 4/10 just because of the annoyance of applying and removing it, i think it stayed pretty well during the day but for me its not worth the bother. 

I tried out two rimmel eyeliners and the second i was much more impressed with, this one was recommended by Zoe @pvnkroses on twitter and its the rimmel scandaleyes precision micro liner. The tip on this was way thinner making it easier to create a good line, the application itself was very smooth it felt like it just glided over my eyes and is also removed with one swipe of eye makeup remover in the evening. Although this is removed very easily it does stay really well during the day and i only experienced a tiny bit of transfer; overall i’d give it an 8/10. 

My most unconventional eyeliner here is by the brand miss sporty the studio lash liner , its a brand that seems to be dissapearing here in the uk which you can still get in some superdrug stores but is only available though now as you can’t get in their stores. I’ve never had any other products from this range and i was sceptical at first but this was my favourite eyeliner for about two years and for good reason. The applicator on this is amazing its so thin and so long so you can create the thinnest to thickest liner styles, it doesn’t transfer but does fade slightly in the middle after wear. This liner gets a 7/10 i love everything about it except for the fading but still amazing for the price. 

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The collection fast stroke eyeliner is one that my best friend used to swear by when we were about 13 and one that i had never tried until these eye liner trials, its the cheapest of all the liners in this post and the one i was most excited to try. This eyeliner out preformed nearly all of the more expensive options (although none are high end), it stayed well all day and the only reason it isn’t my favourite out of the bunch is its slightly uneven application. Once you put on a tiny bit of product i feel like the rest you apply doesn’t go on as evenly; its hard to explain but not really a huge issue. It gets a 9/10 for me and at £2.99 it gets a 10/10 on price. 

Finally the winner of the bunch, its seventeens high drama intense liquid eyeliner. I had never heard this liner talked about before but its a brand that has been attracting me recently and i’ve been trying a few of their products. This liner lasted well all day with absolutely no transfer, it applied well and was removed well. I fell like if this had the miss sporty applicator i’d be even more in love but i am happy with it as it is. 9.5/10. 

Which eyeliners do you love from the drugstore? 

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