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Monthly favourities:February

Monthly favourities:February

ah February the month that i can’t really spell that is meant to be filled with love. For me February was filled with love, not with another human being but with the products i’ve discovered (i tell myself i prefer it that way). Although February felt like a really short month in comparison to January, it didn’t stop me trying and falling in love with a few new products.

Lets start off with the product i started using this month that i think has actually changed my life. The product i’m talking about is Estee Lauder double wear in the shade 1c1 bone; yes i know this is no new find or revelation its just something i had never tried before but now i have there’s no turning back. Many of you who read my posts weekly know i have quite bad acne marks all over my cheeks and lower half of my face, until now i was using thick foundation that although covered well i wasn’t 100% happy with. Since i’ve started wearing double wear my face looks so much more alive, the finish is better, the staying power is better, everything is better. I won’t say much about this because its such a well known foundation with 1000s of reviews but what i will say is if you have the opportunity to try it, do it.

Keeping with the Estee Lauder theme, while i was at the counter i also picked up their perfectly clean triple action makeup remover because i knew the foundation would be difficult to get off. I’m using a slightly different method with this where i apply the makeup remover and then take it off with micellar water on cotton pads and it works really well. My face did feel so perfectly clean after i used it i was tempted not to second cleanse but of course i still did.

Ok last Estee lauder product i promise. When i explained to the lady who matched me for my foundation about my acne marks she told me about a serum they had to help with my problem so she gave me some samples of the enlighten serum. I’ve invested so much money into serums for my marks and so far very little has even helped so i was sceptical but i tried it anyway. I swear instantly my skin looked better, it felt so nice on my skin and i honestly think the look of my marks had decreased the next morning. i used up the samples she gave me and was convinced, so i purchased the full size the other day and i love it, even if it is £50..

Still keeping with skincare but not with an actual product but with a method. Lately i’ve been loving taking off my cleansing balm with a cloth or flannel, i don’t do it every night as i think its a little harsh to do daily but a couple of times a week i like to do it as i feel like its easier than using cotton pads and helps with exfoliation.

Last skincare favourite of the month is my botanics all bright toner, the thing that drew me to this was that its a toner that knows what a toner should do. On the back it says it prepares your skin for your moisturiser, hallelujah a toner that doesn’t want to burn my face off. Even better are its humectant ingredients and its natural AHAs from plants for cell renewal.

Lastly a random favourite that i bought because Zoella put it in her january faves is the oral b 3D white brilliance toothpaste, i’ve actually looked at this toothpaste for a while which sounds ridiculous but i was really drawn to the packaging. Once Zoe said that she had actually noticed a difference in her teeth i was convinced and have looked forward to brushing my teeth every morning and night since (how sad).

I can’t believe February has passed already, i want to tell you guys now the entire month of march will be series of posts based around travelling because i’m going to New York in the first week of April. I’m super excited to share my crazy travel organisation tips with you that i’ve collected over the years. See you guys in March!


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    • Thank you! The double wear foundation has such amazing staying power, even on my oily skin it lasts all day and I don't find it goes patchy at all just a tiny bit shiny if worn for more than ten hours. It doesn't even transfer onto clothes or hands it's amazing!

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