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Moisturisers for oily/ combination skin.

Moisturisers for oily/ combination skin.

I mentioned in my January favourites that recently I’ve been finding my usually oily skin was getting dry in places so i set out on finding a good drugstore moisturiser that wouldn’t clog my pores or clause blemishes while keeping my skin hydrated. In the past i used to be tempted to skip moisturiser altogether in fear of making my oily skin worse, but its so important to keep even oily skin hydrated because skipping this step can cause over production of oils making your skin even more oily.

I tried a number of different drugstore moisturisers but i was only really impressed by two that worked with my skin but i’m also going to mention a third which i didn’t like but i think may work for some people. Lets start with the one i’m most impressed with..

The Neutrogena visibly clear oil-free moisturiser, this was recommended to me by my friend Roma and i am so grateful. It retails at around £4.19 and claims to hydrate, smooth and even out skin tone. i’ve only been using it for around a week and so far i can say it definitely does hydrate and smooth but i think I’d have to use it for longer to see if it improved my skin tone at all. From the minute you apply it you can feel it sinking into your skin, immediately your skin feels smooth and hydrated and as Roma would say “minty”. Let me explain the minty part, your skin feels really cool after you apply it maybe its the salicylic acid but either way i like it. It definitely doesn’t mattify the skin but if i’m honest i don’t think a good moisturiser should, it provides a really smooth base for makeup (probably because of the glycerine content) and doesn’t cause problems with shine or over producing oils throughout the day. This moisturiser is super affordable and really effective; if you’re someone with oily to combination skin who also has problems with blemishes then this one is for you.

Moving onto a close second with the Nivea daily essentials oil free moisturising day cream, coming in slightly cheaper at £3.99 for the same 50ml size, it claims to moisturise and regulate oil. I was also really impressed with this moisturiser it is definitely hydrating and does regulate shine however it doesn’t make any claims against helping with blemishes and therefore i would recommend this for someone with oily or combination skin that doesn’t have problems with acne etc. Its still a really good moisturiser and i would be happy to use it on a daily basis, again it provides a good base before makeup but feels slightly thinner and less smoothing than the Neutrogena.

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Now for a “moisturiser” that i didn’t like but i am still including. Why you ask? Well i believe the Garnier Pure Active Matte Control anti shine anti blemish moisturiser would be good for someone with really oily skin who doesn’t wear makeup and simply wants to mattify skin and isn’t bothered about hydration properties. I do wear makeup however and that is part of the reason why i didn’t like this moisturiser; it caused my foundation to go on in patches so i literally had to double the amount of makeup i usually wear to smooth everything out. i was most disappointed with this one because it was actually the product i was most excited about trying, i read a load of really positive reviews before hand but they all mentioned they had been sent the product so then i realised why they were all so positive. I don’t really think this hydrated my skin at all but it did however leave me quite matte throughout the day and therefore i do think it would be okay for someone with really oily skin who doesn’t wear makeup but as the most expensive product mentioned at £6.99 i would go with one of the others.

I really hoped this has helped some of you guys out with moisturising an already oily face, but trust me by sticking with moisturising you’re probably going to reduce your oil production and improve the condition of your skin in the long run. Thanks for reading,

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