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January Favourites

January Favourites

January is a weird month isn’t it? Everyones torn between turning their life around for the year ahead while being broke at the same time. The month has now come to an end and that means two things: 1) endless emails from shops you’re subscribed to trying to get you to spend your long awaited january pay check and 2) FAVES!!!!
I’ve changed up a lot of things in january mainly in my skincare regime and i’ve also started loving a few new random things, lets start with the beauty stuff..

From skincare i’m going to start with something that i’ve already done a post on this month so i won’t go on but they have been my most favourite thing in January so i just had to put them in. Its the Masque Bar sheet and peel off masks, they’re amazing i feel like i have a new face once i’ve used them. You can read the post here.

Keeping with Skincare in the month of january i have been obsessed with moisturising my face (and body actually but we’ll get to that); it started when i thought my skin had started to get dry patches and i decided to switch up my moisturiser. i started using the Nivea day moisturiser for oily/combination skin which i got for £2….two pounds in asda (uk walmart) , that’s less than my lunch. So far i’ve been loving it, it skins in quickly and smells like sun cream. What more could you want? (moisturisers for oily skin post coming soon shhh)

I’m that person who is always applying lip balm and last year i had a love affair with carmex vanilla; for some reason i bought a different lip balm at the end of last year and had been using that but in January i reverted to my old favourite. I think everyone knows about carmex i’ve never found anything that compares, it quickly became a fave once again in January.

Wipes. Face wipes. Don’t shoot me let me first explain. After i started wearing the beautifully matte foundation i started finding it difficult to get off so one day i tried using the no7 beautiful skin wipes and they were amazing. Obviously i know wipes do not properly remove makeup and i do follow with my cleansing balm and my full skincare routine but these wipes did a better job than the micellar water i had been using and are the laziest easiest way to remove your makeup.

Body care now and for me January has been a month where i smell amazing everyday because i started using Soap&Glory products again. The stand out products have been their hand food hand cream, clean on me shower cream, scrub of your life scrub and the richeous body butter. My favourite products are the hand cream and body butter not only because of their smell but their ability to moisturise skin when it is so dry in harsh January weather. Its in the indulgent body care isle for a reason, it smells and makes you feel amazing even in the month of January.

I’ve had three makeup faves which i tired for the first time this month, two of which are primers mentioned in my last post and the other is the new Maybelline Master Ink matte black liquid eyeliner. Literally two of my favourite things combined: matte black and eyeliner. I’ve been wanting to switch up my eyeliner for a while because i couldn’t find one dark enough but now i have. The first week i wore this i got several questions about which eyeliner i was wearing and i think that shows how good this product is, seen as i wear black eyeliner everyday but people actually noticed i had made a change.

and finally for a random January fave: the TV series ‘girls’, after telling my friend Wida i was going to NYC in April she told me i just had to watch it so i did. So far i’m obsessed i’ve gone through a season and a half in a few days and i’m pretty sure half way through February i will have finished it entirely.

So there are lots of new things i’ve been loving in January and i’m pretty sure i will continue to love many of these into the following months, i’m currently trying out some other day moisturisers for oily/combo skin and there will be a post on them some time within February. I’ve already had suggestions for posts and would love to hear some more from you guys, you can contact me in many ways by leaving a comment on a post or over twitter/instragram which have been linked. Thank you guys, see you again soon.

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