Skincare Routine for acne/ oily skin.

For my first blog post i’m going to talk about one of the beauty subjects i am most knowledgeable on: skincare for problem skin. I’ve had ‘problem skin’ since i was 10, having my worst acne at around 14 which has left me now aged 18 with some quite bad marks on both of my cheeks.

i still do get regular breakouts however, which means my skincare routine fits well with people who are still in the acne stage or those with oily skin. I’ve dealt with this problem for an incredibly long time which means I’ve had the opportunity to test an abundance of products; in this post i’m going to do a basic overview of my skincare routine and the products I know and love.

The steps i take in a normal night time skincare routine:

1) Because this is more of a night time skincare routine the first step is remove your makeup (if you’re not wearing makeup skip to step two you lucky devil). At the minute i’m using the lancome bi- facil eye makeup remover on two wet cotton pads and garnier micellar water on dry cotton pads. Although i would 100% recommend the garnier micellar water, the lancome eye makeup remover is incredibly expensive and although good, just as good as any other cheaper brands. 


2) SECOND CLEANSE!!!! i cannot stress this enough just removing your makeup and skipping to toner is never good enough, i know because i used to do it until i was about 15 and i will live to regret it until my scars are gone. To second cleanse i use the Lush ultra bland cream cleanser. (which i think is more of a balm) I melt the product between my hands and massage it directly onto dry skin and try to leave it for about 2 minutes. i know what you’re thinking balm that turns into oil for oily skin are you mad???? but trust me this product will help to bring your skin back into balance as it might even be over producing oil because it is actually dehydrated and trying to compensate. Then just use damp warm (not hot!!!) cotton pads to remove the cleanser. 


3) tone!! Toning is a super important step for any skin type especially problem skin, it will help to close and minimise your pores and many act as an exfioliant. Toning when you have problem skin is the only exfoliant you need, stay away from scrubs as they will break down the bacteria and spread it around your face which can lead to more breakouts. The toner i’m using is the la roche posay effaclar clarifying lotion on a cold slightly damp cotton pad, the cold water will also lend a hand to closing your pores.


4) i don’t really know what to call this step but at this point i use a small amount of the la roche posay effaclar duo on each section of my face. Most people know about this miracle product now so i wont ramble on about its magic qualities but ive been using it for three years and i love it – the best part is that one tube usually lasts over 6 months. 


5) Finally moisturise (yes, the skin bonanza has finished) i’m using the eucerin even brighter night cream its a really nice product but really directed for people with pigmentation marks like me. So if you don’t suffer with those, you could try the vichy normadern night detox or the boots own tea tree and witchazel night gel for a cheaper but still effective option.


Outside of my regular skincare routine i do a face mask once or twice a week, usually on one of my days off from work in replace of my morning cleanse. i either use the lush cosmetic warrior or the quick fix facials anti blemish mud mask. Both are really good products but i’m really drawn to the lush mask because i know its all natural.


I really hope this post has been enjoyable and informative for you, i believe the key to good skin is consistency with cleansing and looking after yourself mentally and physically, no matter how much you may or may not battle with your skin, it is beautiful.  


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