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Makeup Basics Series: face makeup

Makeup Basics Series: face makeup

I had a request to do a post on makeup for beginners and i really wanted to do it, but there is so much to makeup that i don’t think i can even fit the most basic of outlines into one post. So i’ve decided to do a makeup basics series split into a few posts and today we’ll start with face makeup; i’m going to try and split it into categories, highlight what things to consider when questioning what products you want to try and recommend some products.

I’ll give you a little index here in case you want to skip to a section:

  1. Primer
  2. Concealer 
  3. Foundation/ BB cream/ CC cream
  4. Extras: highlighter, bronzer, contour.

1) Okay so lets start off with primer, a lot of people say this is an optional step but personally i wouldn’t wear makeup without it even for basic makeup you want to achieve the best results and for it to last a reasonable amount of time, i believe the key to that is primer. The things to consider here are: your skin type(oily,combo or dry), the effect you want it to have (make makeup last longer, minimise your pores or illuminate) and the finish (matte or dewy). 

  • Here the things to consider merge into one: the skin type you have will usually decide the effect you want the primer to have and that effect will decide the finish. So in example someone with an oily skin type will usually want to make their makeup to last longer and for their makeup to have a matte finish. Whereas someone with dry skin may want a hydrating primer which will illuminate their skin and give them a dewy finish.

The variation here comes with pore minimising primers some of which contain oil and others which don’t but most follow the same clear silicon texture formula. Here is where skin type is important, people with oily skin like myself won’t get along with silicone primers that contain oil and will probably find their makeup will move and degrade throughout the day however these primers may work well for people with dry skin. The irony is most people with big pores have oily skin and will need an oil free primer which will help to reduce pores and makeup last longer.

Here are my primer recommendations:

How to apply primer:

  • i apply primer with my fingers and i honestly think thats the best way to either fill your pores or massage in a hydrating primer. 
  • or you can use a clean flat foundation brush 

2) Concealer: the one thing to consider here is the job you want the concealer to do: either to illuminate under the eyes and cover dark circles or cover face blemishes. I think concealer is the easiest step to makeup application but one which makes the biggest difference.

Here are my concealer recommendations for different needs:

How to apply concealer:

  • Some come with their own applicator which you can definitely use but they aren’t the most hygienic especially covering blemishes. 
  • For under the eyes: blend using your ring finger.
  • For covering large areas of blemishes/redness/pigmentation: a beauty blender sponge or equivalent i.e real techniques complexion sponge. 

3) Foundation; unlike concealer this takes the most amount of work but once you find a good foundation and have perfected application its what i think is one of the most confidence boosting parts of makeup.
The things you need to consider here are the most important: your skin type, the coverage and the finish. 

lets start with skin type and how that effects the finish of your makeup:

  • Oily skinned people are best to go with matte or satin finish foundations because they will last longer when your skin is producing oils therefore increasing shine. 
  • Dry skinned people can go for a dewy look with their foundation because their skin isn’t producing as much oil and therefore will not get shiny throughout the day; however dry skinned people can also go for matte foundations just be aware to moisturise well before hand and use a foundation like double wear which wont’t cling to dry patches. 

Now moving onto coverage which is the key deciding factor when picking foundation:

  • If you want to even out skin tone and want light coverage: i would recommend skipping foundation and opting for a bb or cc cream however they lack in shade range.
  • If you have a combination skin type and a few minor blemishes or redness: a medium coverage foundation will be enough to correct any problems and won’t feel to heavy on your skin.
  • If you have an oily skin and more considerable blemishes or marks: go for a high coverage foundation with a concealer underneath for focused concealing on problem areas.*
  • *i would also recommend using a translucent setting powder for people with oily skin. 

 Here are my foundation recommendations for different needs:

How to apply foundations for different coverage:

  • Light coverage: stippling brush/ buffing brush in circular motions
  • medium coverage: flat foundation brush in strokes
  • high coverage: pushing product into skin with a beauty blender or RT complexion sponge or applying foundation with a domed or flat top foundation brush. If you want a full tutorial on how to achieve a full coverage foundation look i’ve done a separate post here.

4) Extras: highlighter, bronzer and contouring: as this is a basics post and i don’t really consider these extras as basics i won’t say much however for all of these components i will recommend you a brand: makeup revolution. The reason i’m mentioning this in a makeup basics/ makeup for beginners post is because of their huge variety and affordable prices. You can use their contouring palette for all three steps mentioned and are easily applied with a real techniques contour brush which is great for small areas of contour and highlight.

annnnnd i think we’re finished, there you have the basics of face makeup, how to chose the products right for you and how to apply them for different effects. I really hope this post has been informative for those of you who are new to makeup and especially for the person who requested this post. Remember all of these things are optional if you’re someone who wants to only take the information on concealer or primer or whatever from this post that is completely fine they can all be worn by themselves or together.

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