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Soap&Glory makeup haul and review

Soap&Glory makeup haul and review


If you follow me on twitter you may have noticed that recently i’ve developed a bit of an obsession with the soap and glory body products and now i’ve decided to give their makeup a try. Every product pictured above is available to buy in the “well i’ll be glammed” set from boots which from today onwards is at 70% off (if you can get your hands on it) and also all available separately. i was even more drawn to reviewing soap and glory makeup as from this week the products are available online for European countries at international boots and i think are also already available in the US. 

I’m going to start with the only makeup product from s&g that i’ve owned before and that’s thesupercat felt tip liner. This was actually the first eyeliner i ever bought back in 2011 but since then moved onto liquid eyeliner so i haven’t owned it in a while. Usually i don’t like felt tip liners but if i’m going to purchase one it will always be this; its very black, lasts all day and above all is so easy to apply. Not a bad word to say.

Now for everything else that i’ve never used before until today starting with the thing i was most excited about (mainly because it LOOKED SO GOOD I WANTED TO EAT IT) 

See what i mean? This product is like all my makeup dreams came true, its the ‘love at first blush’ blusher. Now although this is a blusher i think the mix of colours make the result quite shimmery which i love as it means it can also be used as a subtle highlight. The finish is such a pretty pink but here comes the warning: if you’re like me and you see something like this and want to cover your brush and face in it beware, a tiny amount of this product goes along way. i used a blusher brush to apply a small amount to my cheeks and to dust it slightly over my cheekbones.

Moving onto something that i also gravitated to because of how it looked is the ‘solar powder’ bronzer. Being incredibly pale bronzer is something that always quite scares me because i’m afraid of looking like an idiot but this has a shade pale enough for me to use for contour that doesn’t terrify me. Again, i’m using the slightly angled smaller brush to apply this to the hollows of my cheekbones, it blends well and there isn’t any fall out with it which i’ve noticed with some other bronzers.

Mascara is something that i’m always so skeptical about after using the benefit roller lash and falling in love and since never being impressed with a mascara but…. the drought is over i’m impressed. I got their thick and fast collagen mascara and pleasantly surprised, although i didn’t see much volume it really did separate and lengthen my lashes after just one coat. (and its over £10 cheaper than roller lash shhh). 

On the subject of eyes i also got the ‘lid stuff’ mini eyeshadow pallet, when i looked at this images of the naked 3 pallet popped into my mind, also once again the product just looks so nice. 

In terms of the shadows themselves my swatches don’t do justice, they are really pigmented, really creamy and blendable and as long as you tap off the excess there is no fall out. As soon as i saw these colours i knew i would use every single one and i’m so excited to explore more about their eye shadows.

Finishing off with eyes finally i got their smoulder kohl liner; i don’t really ever use a kohl liner but i do like to have a good one stored away and this is just that, a good one. Super black, really pigmented and it just glides on with no dragging, once again well done s&g.

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Plumping is something soap and glory seem to be obsessed with and its something i’ve never really delved into so i decided to try two of their sexy mother-pucker glosses in candy queen and plumsup. My initial impression is that they really tingle, the more gloss you apply the more tingle you get. My favourite shade would have to be plumsup i really like that its a darker colour which isn’t too loud and i think will become something i will wear quite frequently. My only drawback to these is that i feel like they are slightly drying so they’re not something i would wear on a daily basis but i still do like them.

The s&g brow archery is something that some of my favourite bloggers have raved about for a while so i was so excited to finally try it but this was the only product i bought that i was slightly underwhelmed by. My initial impression was that the thin shaper end really didn’t do anything and the tint end was okay but took a while to get going. I think this product would be good for people with really thin brows or people who prefer a look where you can tell they’ve filled in their brows. As for me i’ll stick to my collections £3.99 eyebrow powders. 

Overall i was really impressed by the soap and glory makeup, especially for a brand who started out just doing body care things like shower creams etc. Its quickly become one of my favourite brands and i look forward to trying more of their makeup in the future.

Maria x

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