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Masque Bar Review

Masque Bar Review

I think everyone, like me, has been seeing sheet masks everywhere recently so i thought i should jump on the sheet mask bandwagon and give them a try myself. I picked up two different masks from Masque Bar: the brightening sheet mask and the luminizing charcoal peel off mask (so actually only one of these is a sheet mask but still) they have 7 in the range some of which i will be definitely trying after i use up all the masks.

Lets start with the brightening sheet mask just because this was the one i used first and was immediately drawn to with my pigmentation because it claimed to help even out my skin tone. This one comes in a sheet mask formulation so you have to open the packet, unfold the mask and align it on to your face; the one negative i have with it is that i have quite a small face so the chin area fell down a little bit and i had to keep re attaching it to my face, but this is obviously not a fault of masque bar and won’t stop me from repurchasing. You’re instructed to keep the masque on for 20-30 minutes so i kept it on for the full 30; the first thing i noticed was how soaked in serum the mask is which is great because you actually feel like this is a treatment which will make a difference rather than just a fad. After leaving on the masque for 30 minutes i removed it and was initially really impressed with the results i saw on my forehead but didn’t notice much difference to my cheeks where most of my pigmentation is. However the morning after i used this mask i did notice a difference in the areas i have pigmentation, my redness did seem reduced and my skin definitely looked brighter. I’m excited to use the two masks i have left in the box and hopefully will see greater results once used some more.

The second mask i got from masque bar was the luminizing charcoal peel off mask, out of the two this was my favourite. Again it tells you to leave it on for 20-30 minutes or until dry so i left it on for about 40 until my whole face was dry and the mask felt like it would all peel off in one go. Let me tell you now i was amazed at the results; i started to feel off the mask from my forehead downwards and immediately i noticed it was actually kind of painful to pull off but not unbearable, it was what the mask revealed once removed that was what amazed me the most. Once fully removed i looked at the side of the mask that was attached to my face and it showed me how the mask had pulled out all of the rubbish out of my pores, you could actually see the tiny things that had been sitting in my pores that had been removed because of this mask. After using the mask i removed any excess with warm water and cotton pads and then toned and moisturised. My skin felt incredibly smooth and clean and again the morning after my skin looked dramatically better, so much so i even got comments on my skin at work even when wearing foundation.

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I was so impressed with the masque bar masks i purchased and i’m really excited to try some of their other masks like the anti blemish one and the green tea mask which are also meant to be amazing. I would probably use the brightening one once a week but would leave the charcoal one for once a month because it is so powerful, which also means they are great value because one box would last you three months. I’m completely converted,


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