High coverage easy drugstore foundation routine

Todays post is going to be on how i cover up my acne, marks and redness. There are thousands of tutorials like this on the internet so you’re probably wondering why i thought this was even necessary. The reason i’m doing this is because the method i use to cover up my marks is much simpler than the majority of tutorials i’ve ever watched and read; also my main product i use here is one that i’ve never seen written or talked about yet it’s amazing so i wanted to tell people about that particular foundation which i love. 

i’m going to talk through it in a series of steps, now i did attempt to gif some things but thats a long story so you’ll have to use your imagination for some bits. ((i’m sure most of you are aware of the process of bouncing a beauty blender off your face a number of times so i think we’re good.))

Before we begin i’d like to mention you can get all these products from a drugstore or if you’re in the uk like me, boots or superdrug, It’s likely most of you haven’t heard of the foundation is use and thats because it’s a boots own brand but you can get this in the US. i know for sure no7 is stocked in walgreens because walgreens own boots and it is available at some target stores.

1) The first step is optional and it’s simply to apply primer to your entire face, i’m using the Rimmel lasting finish primer, it’s affordable and really great at making your makeup last longer as well. If you’re not one for primer skip to the second step, i would recommend it though.

2) So this is where the coverage actually kicks in, now for years i listened to the majority of people and applied my concealer after my foundation but I’ve switched it around now. i use the collection lasting perfection concealer in the shade 1 fair and apply it to all the areas i need coverage; as you can see from the photo above its basically that large area on my cheek in and around the hollow of my cheekbone. i blend that out with a damp beauty blender and after concealer my skin transitions from the first photo to this: 


2) Moving onto foundation now which is really the main reason i’m doing this post. Recently i’ve started using the boots no 7 beautifully matte foundation and i really don’t know where to begin with telling you about it. Its honestly the best foundation i’ve ever come across in every way possible, the coverage is good, the finish is so nice (really the pictures don’t do this justice its flawless) and above all this stuff stays put. When i say it stays i mean i’ve worn it from 6 am at work, gone out that night and taken it off at 1 am and it had only deteriorated around my nose where i get really oily, i think i touched it up twice but really 6 am to 1 am its like 19 hours of wear i think we can justify it. I apply that in the same way as i do with concealer with a damp beauty blender. I use a pump for each side of my face so two pumps in total and the coverage is amazing. (In the photo below i’m only wearing it where i have marks obviously when i go out my whole face is covered, so i’m wearing a small pump in the photo below.) 


As i said before the photos here don’t do this justice so i wanted to add one where you can see both sides of my face one with the makeup and one without and then what the foundation looks like once it has been set and all my other makeup is done: 


So the final step is to set your makeup, i use the rimmel stay matte powder in 001 translucent, my face stays matte for about 6 hours so i usually touch up about once a day which really is good going considering i have oily skin. i use a regular powder brush to apply it in stippling motions onto my face, the important thing when applying powder is not to sweep it across your face because you can end up moving the product. 

So thats it i think, my foundation routine containing no high end products or tiny concealing brushes with unrealistic application techniques. All in all it takes about 7 minutes to do because literally all that is involved is getting the product and bouncing it onto your face with a beauty blender or a RT complexion sponge. I really hope this is helpful to people with similar problems to me, it took a lot to upload pictures of what my face actually looks like on the internet but the feedback i’ve received from my last two posts has really encouraged me to do it. 

Thank you all so much, Maria.
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