Tuesday, 13 June 2017

A growing obsession with nail care

I used to be that person, the one with stubby fingers and bitten nails. That was up until a few months back when i decided enough was enough and wanted to grow my nails. Since then my nails haven't gone unpainted even once and i've grown an obsession with nail care; and in the middle of my obsession some Leighton Denny products arrived at my doorstep for me to try out, now thats what i call good timing. 

Leighton denny review


To treat my nails i've been using the products from the brilliance treatment trio. I've always had a collection of nail polishes but i had never really delved into caring for my nails before growing them out, so i have to admit i broke into this packet pretty quickly. 

Immediately i noticed using the brilliance remover was really different to a regular nail polish remover, it was clearly more powerful in removing the polish but was much softer on the nails. I don't quite know how to describe the feeling, but it doesn't have that harsh almost stripping feeling you get with other nail polish removers; it left my nails soft and completely free from any remaining polish in seconds. Keep an eye on the instructions with this though, it does instruct you to wash your hands after which i've found is a pretty important step, otherwise it'll leave your hands sticky. 

After i remove the old polish i like to treat my nails with the brilliance serum, although i usually don't get staining it does help to maintain the nails natural colour and keep them bright and healthy. Initially i did apply this wrong (bad blogger) so don't make the same mistake as me and treat this like a nail polish, you're actually supposed to massage this in until it's absorbed and then carry on.

The final and pretty crucial step within the set is the brilliance shield, which helps to seal the serum and protect the nail as a base coat before nail varnish. I used to go straight in with my nail polish without even so much as a base coat underneath, and now i'm doing all of this, i'm pretty proud. I wouldn't skip any of these steps now, particularly the base coat, i can't imagine applying a colour to a bare nail.. oh how i've grown.. 

Leighton denny review


I've said it before and i'll say it again - i'm obsessed with hydration, but now it isn't just limited to my face and my hands, i'm all about the nails and feet too. 
A cuticle oil is something i've always wanted, it's a product i feel like people own when they really have their life together but maybe that's just me.. I've been using the slick tips cuticle oil whenever i remember really, usually before bed, to hydrate my cuticles. It comes with the same brush application as a varnish so it's really easy to apply and means you don't get any wastage, the tiniest bit goes along way and leaves you with cuticles to kill for. 

If there's one part of my body i neglect it's my feet, i mean does anyone really want to spend 10 minutes touching feet? But if anyones going to convince me to get touching my toes it's going to be Leighton Denny. I've been using the well heeled foot masque and the little socks it comes with (yes it comes with socks) about once a week after a shower. This leaves my feet feeling so soft and clean but not sticky and it's suitable for me even with my sweaty feet .. (Too much info? I like to keep it real here, say it with me s-w-e-a-t-y-f-e-e-t) Also you can just use a small amount and use it like a normal cream if you're not looking for an intense treatment. 

Leighton denny review

The last thing i have is an actual nail polish but with a glitter finish. I've tried glittery nail polishes before and they've never pulled through, they've always been really transparent and never managed to actually cover the nail but this "twinkle twinkle" polish is different, this created a completely opaque glitter layer - the finish was so professional it really didn't look like something i had done myself at home. I wouldn't use this on every nail but i have been using it as accent nail and i love the finish, it's definitely not for everyone but i love a bit of sparkle so it's definitely for me. 

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Disclaimer: This post contains PR samples. 

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