Sunday, 19 November 2017

Black Friday week is a thing now.. here are the best of the sales

I'm pretty sure the first year we had actual black Friday deals in the UK was 2011, i bought an iPad and the rest of the country could be seen on the evening news battling each other for 50 inch TVs.. This year however black Friday has taken a welcomed turn in my opinion, the clothing websites have slashed their prices - and i've rounded up a list of the best sales, so you don't have to. 

I'm also going to update this when i spot a new sale so check back for them deals..

Best black friday clothing deals 2017

Best black friday clothing deals 2017

Best black friday clothing deals 2017

Best black friday clothing deals 2017

Shop my outfit:

 (Also i took some outfit photos and really wanted to use them for something so there's some pictures with no connection to this post) 


ASOS have launched 20% off for students today, sign up here. They're also doing up to 60% off shoes and accessories meaning you can get pairs of Adidas superstars for like £60, they've also got a section of OTK boots on sale too.. To top it off the rose gold trainers I'm wearing in the pictures above are a cheeky £12.


My favourite online shopping destination Missguided have 30% off Party Wear and Winter AKA everything you need for the season. Code: LOVE30.


PLT have 30% off dresses and tops with the code SAVE30, so if you're dressing up in a dress you're covered but if you're going for a "nice top" they've got your back too. 


One of my favourite deals comes from Boohoo who are doing 30% off coats, jackets, boots and knitwear - which is basically everyones entire winter wardrobe. Code: COSY.


New Look are doing so many different deals each day, my inbox is spammed but i love it. They're currently offering 25% off all footwear and accessories. They've also got 2 for £30 on knitwear which is a really good deal when you'd usually spend around £50 on 2 jumpers. 


As i was writing this Nasty Gal launched 50% (YES 50%) off everything, including sale with free next day delivery for US babes and 20% off everything with code NEEDIT for UK people. That's probably the best deal yet my friends. 

That's it for the deals for now, there are a lot of others but i really wanted to create a pretty short list with the best deals rather than one huge long list, happy shopping! 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

A glitter look for the festive season with House Of Fraser

When I think of the festive season there's pretty much one thing that comes to mind, sparkle and glitter - okay maybe that's two things, but they come under the same umbrella. It's everywhere: from the tree, to the clothes you're wearing, and to the makeup on your face. On a day to day basis I usually go for a pretty simple matte brown eye look, but i'll take any excuse to add some shimmer..so I see what is basically a whole two month festive period as an excuse to make glitter an everyday occurrence. 
For the look i'm using products from the House of Fraser party makeup range, which is a one stop shop for everything shimmer and glitter you'll need for the festive season, including those Stila Eye liquid eyeshadows everyone is currently lusting over.

House of fraser glitter makeup look tutorial christmas festive

I've well and truly broken out the 80s vibes with this Christmas jumper, I know. 

House of fraser glitter makeup look tutorial christmas festive


I'm going pretty old school with the base but if it ain't broken don't fix it right? Although the focus of this look is being as shimmery and glittery as possible, you have to give your face some definition and warmth especially in the colder months. Before getting Benefit Hoola from the House of Fraser party makeup range, I had actually never tried the ultimate original bronzer powder, but after having used it a good few times now I can see why this cult product has been placed in the product line up.

It's the most bendable, soft, pigmented bronzer i've ever tried. You need just a touch of product (seriously just a touch) to achieve those sculpted cheekbones we all wish we had. I used an angled blush brush to blend this into the hollows of my cheekbones, along my jawline and to my hairline - to make my forehead appear a little bit smaller and give some shape to my face. This looks really warm in my swatches below, but you can really get this to work the way you want it to by going easy and working to blend it out, or going a little more intense with it depending on the look you're going for. 

House of fraser glitter makeup look tutorial christmas festive

No matter what time of the year we're in you'll always find me wearing highlighter, and for this look i'm using the first highlighter I ever owned, Benefit High Beam. I really love to use a liquid highlighter for some looks because I always find they just give a completely different effect compared to a powder alternative, this gives the perfect pink winter glow and it'll match perfectly with the glitter eyeshadow i've picked for my eyes. I applied High Beam to my cheek bones, brow bones, cupid's bow and the end of my nose.  


The focus of any glitter makeup look is always the eyes, it's the place I always experiment with the most and probably the place you can get away with the most! Chances are if you've been on Instagram lately you will have seen the new Stila liquid eyeshadows, they're the epitome of swatch heaven with gorgeous pink and gold hues, so when I saw them on the party makeup page I knew I needed to get one for this look.. and the shade "Rose Gold Retro" really couldn't be anymore perfect. 

House of fraser glitter makeup look tutorial christmas festive

These are actually such a great versatile product, the name "liquid eyeshadow" might sound daunting at first but they're the perfect product to swipe over the lid and instantly have a beautiful glittery eye perfect for the season. Alternatively you could use these in the centre of the lid or in the inner corner to add highlight, along with powder shadows to go a little easier on the glitter.
You know me I love a multi use product, so I also used the Hoola Bronzer on my eyes, just to soften out the glitter and define my crease.

House of fraser glitter makeup look tutorial christmas festive

House of fraser glitter makeup look tutorial christmas festive


Keeping with my pretty pink themed look I went for one of the new YSL matte lip stains in shade 7, and since getting this I literally haven't worn another lipstick.
The formula is the real winner here, it's really "liquidy" so it means it goes on the lips like water but manages to dry down matte without being drying. It's almost hard to imagine a liquid lip that isn't drying but i think it's down to the really thin formula, it isn't like your typical thick liquid lipsticks that suck the moisture out of your lips, it just manages to sit on top and stain the lips without feeling like you've got a huge thick layer on.

Also the shape of the wand on this means you don't really need a lip liner which is a huge time saving bonus, and also means you use less product - the lack of liner doesn't mean the lipstick will bleed either, these stay put all day.

House of fraser glitter makeup look tutorial christmas festive

House of fraser glitter makeup look tutorial christmas festive

A look like this is always my favourite at this time of year, are you ready to embrace the glitter? 

Check out the whole House of Fraser makeup range and Party Wear for the upcoming festive season!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by House of Fraser. 

Monday, 13 November 2017

An alternative to your regular beauty Christmas gift shopping

Yes, we're in early November and the first Christmas post is here. Let's face it, everyone spends up to November 30th saying "It's too early to start talking about Christmas" but when December 1st hits everyone starts panicking about only having 25 days to go. As this is my most favourite time of year, why not make it last? I think once you get past the first week of November,  everything Christmas themed is acceptable. 

The first Christmas instalment i have for you today has been sitting in my drafts since October and it's taken me a lot not to post it early, but i wanted to stay seasonal and i managed to stick to my timeline.  If you didn't know (you probably didn't) the one thing i put on the TV in the background while I'm doing something is QVC. My neighbour buys everything from QVC, even her Christmas dinner, so a few years back i put it on just to see what it was about, and ever since i've loved having a watch every now and then. 

The main reason i first switched it on that day was really to see what they hell they were selling, i know if you tell anyone about a shopping channel thoughts of weird exercise machines and cooking gadgets spring to mind, but QVC is so different to the rest. Don't believe me? Scroll down this post prematurely to try and spot a few brand names you know, it won't be difficult. QVC are host to the best beauty brands around, some of which you can't even get anywhere else in the UK and would only be found elsewhere at Sephora. If you have a beauty gift to buy this Christmas, look no further than your TV (I mean they've got a website and an app too but that line was cooler). 

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

Remember what i said in my lengthy introduction about spotting brand names you know? In the first two photos alone we have Elemis, BECCA, Nails INC, Pixi .. do i need to go on? OH and Tarte Cosmetics, which you can only find at QVC in the UK - literally nowhere else sells it, i told you this would be good. 

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017 QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

Yes what you're seeing below are Tarte cosmetics palettes, highlighters and brushes. I know i've just said it but you cannot buy these anywhere else in the UK, when i went to New York in 2016 i made a special Sephora trip just to buy Tarte, only to get back and realise i could've bought it here all along.

If you're thinking they must only have the old stock or back dated products you'd be wrong, they have the latest releases, and everything is shipped from the UK so say goodbye to outrageous shipping and customs fees. If you're not already convinced, a lot of the time everything is on easy payments which means the price will be spilt in half up to quarters, so you pay an amount over 2 to 4 months (depending on how they've spilt it) with no interest. My friend ordered a Tarte gift set on easy payments and had it home for £11.. eleven pounds.

Shop QVC beauty / Shop Tarte on QVC.

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

Yeah you can get Pixi pretty easily now in the UK but do you see the size of that glow tonic? And that palette you see behind? It folds out into to reveal 48 eyeshadows, 2 bronzers, 2 blushers and 2 highlighters..and it's £23. 

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

We know Laura Geller is most well known for her guilded honey highlighter and her other products are available pretty easily online anyway, but QVC have exclusive sets you won't find anywhere else; they're like ready made Christmas presents and they're always cheaper than if you were to buy the products elsewhere individually. 

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017 QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017 QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

Undoubtedly my favourite luxury bath products are from L'occitane, their hand creams just make everything else look, for want of a better word, rubbish. However there's a slight problem with my obsession in that L'occitane is pricey to say the least, but that's where QVC come in.
Again a lot of the products come in sets or duos where you get greater value for money, they have specially designed Christmas gift sets which might also be available in store, but will be cheaper at QVC, or they sometimes have those easy payments which are just too good to say no to.

Also yes, that is The Ordinary you see above, the cult brand everyone loves and finds so hard to get is available on QVC.

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

QVC have their own exclusive colour of what i think will be one of the most wanted Christmas gifts this year, the Dyson hair dryer. Before going to the QVC press day i had never even seen one of these in real life and really didn't know if the hype was worth it, but after having my own hair blow dried using one i can tell you, the hype is so real. There's no doubt these are pricey, i think they might be the most expensive hairdryer about, but if you are looking to buy yourself (or a very lucky someone else) one of these for Christmas, QVC is the only place to get it. 

Not only do they have their own exclusive colour, they also allow you to spread the cost. Most of us can't justify spending what is basically £300 in one go, so QVC have spilt the cost into 4 instalments of £74.99 which is a much easier cost to cover, especially over Christmas. I'm pretty sure QVC is the only place you can buy the Dyson on easy payments, and it doesn't cost anymore to do so, really it's an absolute no brainer if you've been thinking of buying this. 

Zero product used and the blow dry took about 7 minutes, supersonic is the way forward. 

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

If you walk into a good spa chances are you'll see Elemis, and for that reason the products are worth a penny or two. Switch over to QVC world and you'll find specially designed Christmas gift sets, easy payments and reduced prices, but the one thing to note with QVC .. you have to be quick. 

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

Korres, another great premium brand - are we seeing a trend here? 

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

QVC also have some of my favourite nail brands like O.P.I, Nails INC and Leighton Denny - i think the sets they have designed around nails are some of the best they have all round, but that might just be the nail obsessive inside of me. I got my first Nails INC polishes in a cracker from the press day all these photos are from, and it's the most opaque formula i've ever tried - so i've got my eyes firmly pinned to the Nails INC Christmas sets. 

QVC christmas gift guide beauty gifts 2017

Oh and i forgot to mention everything comes with a money back guarantee..not happy with what you bought? Just send it back, madness! 

Have i convinced you to think differently about QVC? 

Disclaimer: This post isn't sponsored i just really love QVC, i'm doing this completely of my own accord. If i could insert the shrugging girl emoji i would do it now..

Friday, 10 November 2017

Brand focus: Bobbi Brown

Makeup masterclasses seem to be my thing lately, i've been to a few and most recently it was Bobbi Brown in their new Soho PRO Studio. When i was about 12 i got given a big hard back book, written by the woman herself (Bobbi Brown if you're not following) i read it cover to cover, and for the first time in my life thought about eyebrows and skincare, and how you should actually take your nail varnish off after it chipped.
The book by Bobbi Brown shaped the way i thought about beauty for a long time, but until recently i had  - bizarrely - never even tried a Bobbi Brown product.. as you can see from the below picture that really has changed a few weeks on. 

Bobbi Brown PRO studio soho masterclass makeup foundation stick review


Okay so although i always start my makeup with my eyes, i think for the purpose of this post i should just start with base to avoid over complicating things so here we are, the face. Before the masterclass i doubted the powers of a foundation stick, i had never used them and they seemed a little bit like giant old school concealers (y'know them twist up 2 shade articles from 2007). I even put off trying it for a few days because honestly i was scared that i would end up like a stripy unblended mess, but following the Bobbi Brown pro's instructions i began using the Skin Foundation Stick and was blown away by the results. 

I always imagined a foundation stick being really hard and had visions of dragging my cheeks along with the stick but this Bobbi Brown formula is unbelievably creamy, the pigment just glides on, no dragging involved. I never use a brush to blend my foundation but for this i reached for one of my ICONIC London oval shaped brushes to swipe the product on and the results are creamy and smooth. 
Even if you have a few blemishes you could get away with using a few swipes of this and get really good medium coverage that literally looks like skin; because of my acne scars however i'm using this as an initial layer of foundation and popping a little bit of liquid over the areas where i have scarring.

It provides the most "skin like" layer and I'm so jealous of people with fairly good skin who can wear it alone, but even using it as my first layer i've made a huge dent in the product - not an actual dent but you know what i mean, i've had it for about 3 weeks and i've already visibly used up about half a centimetre of product. I love it. 

Bobbi Brown PRO studio soho masterclass makeup foundation stick review

For the rest of the face products we have a cream blush and the iconic shimmer brick, let's kick off with the blush shall we?
 I've always been scared of cream blush but since trying the a Ciate cream blush recently i had been converted, and i've also only noticed recently how important blusher really is in bringing colour in your face after foundation. This Pot Rouge in the shade "Uber beige" is a beautiful deep rose colour, i mean look at it, if you had to describe autumn in a blush it would be this. Be warned though, you only need the tiniest amount of product and a really light hand, as with all creams you run the risk of breaking down your base if you're too heavy with it. This adds the perfect hint of warm colour to your cheeks, almost as if you've just been out in the crisp November air doing some Christmas shopping. Too early? Nahhhh.

Bobbi Brown PRO studio soho masterclass makeup foundation stick review

I've also been using the product everyone thinks of when they think Bobbi Brown, the shimmer brick in "Bronze". This has some beautiful bronzy tones but with subtle hints of pink running through it, meaning it's a really universal product with tones that'll find their place within any skin tone. This almost acts like a blusher/highlighter hybrid, if you're trying to cut down on the number of products you're using or are just short of time, a swipe of this over your cheeks will cover all bases. Again this is really pigmented, when i first used it i didn't realise how much colour would actually payoff and i was a bit heavy handed with it so be careful, you've been warned. 

Bobbi Brown PRO studio soho masterclass makeup foundation stick review

Bobbi Brown PRO studio soho masterclass makeup foundation stick review


Bobbi Brown PRO studio soho masterclass makeup foundation stick review

A makeup look is never complete without lipstick, seriously i can have a full face of makeup on but without something on my lips i do look a bit like a ghost. These two perfectly packaged lipsticks are the Crushed Lip Colours in "Telluride" and "Crush", Telluride has become my go to for A/W, it looks really brown in the bullet but on the lips it's the perfect autumnal pinky brown with a soft shine. These are also a really welcomed break from liquid matte lipsticks, they feel so soft on the lips, have an almost balmy feel and aren't the slightest bit drying. 

Bobbi Brown PRO studio soho masterclass makeup foundation stick review

In complete opposite to the pinky brown shade above we have "Crush", this is seriously bright but it's a really nice alternative to your standard autumn colours and might be a potential Christmas day colour. (Admit it we are basically in the time to be talking about festive makeup)

Bobbi Brown PRO studio soho masterclass makeup foundation stick review

Please excuse my swatching, my lipstick swatches always look a bit like they've been done by a 4 year old and because these aren't a matte formula they will never look as good in swatches as they do on the lips. 

Bobbi Brown PRO studio soho masterclass makeup foundation stick review


I probably pay the most attention to my eye makeup out of everything i apply on my face, so this section is important to me. I've been testing a total of 5 Bobbi Brown eye products: 2 powder eyeshadows, 1 cream eyeshadow stick, an eyeliner and mascara. During the masterclass the PRO artist used one of my favourite eye makeup tricks - cream shadow under powder shimmer eyeshadow to really make the shimmer stand out.
I always do this when using shimmer/sparkle eyeshadows, so i was secretly really pleased with myself that i was already using the same technique as the PRO. The eyeshadows preform really well, the base shade "Camel" is bendable, pigmented but still soft and with the combination of the shadow stick in "Rich Caviar", layered under the sparkle eyeshadow in "All Spice" you get an amazing sparkle effect. 

Bobbi Brown PRO studio soho masterclass makeup foundation stick review

Top to bottom: Camel, All Spice and Rich Caviar stick. 

Bobbi Brown PRO studio soho masterclass makeup foundation stick review

I'm no longer an eyeliner person when it comes to lining the upper lash line, however i do really see the benefit of "tightlining" the inner upper lash line. Although it does look a little bit like a torture practice when you're doing it, the Long Wear Eye Pencil in "Jet" makes it a really easy practice. This is so soft so you don't get any dragging and super bendable so if you do make a mistake (which lets be honest is easy with eyeliner) it's easy to rectify. 

Finally we have the Smokey Eye Mascara which i think is perfectly named, i wouldn't say this is a lengthening mascara but it definitely gives that smokey "more lashes than you have" look. It's also really black and we all know a true smokey eye is matched with jet black lashes that don't budge, and this definitely doesn't budge throughout the day. 

Bobbi Brown PRO studio soho masterclass makeup foundation stick review

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Have you tried any Bobbi Brown? 

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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The new seasonal go to: The jumper dress

 A dress is deceptive. I know when i look at someone wearing a dress i always assume they've put a lot of effort into their outfit, but really they require the least amount of effort. You pull a dress over your head and you're in a complete outfit, an outfit most would assume you spent at least a few minutes thinking about, and you definitely look more put together than wearing jeans and a t-shirt..

Being well and truly submerged in the colder months now, the word dress doesn't automatically spring to mind, but that is where my new favourite thing comes in - the jumper dress. 

Petite jumper dresses autumn winter fashion style bloggers blog post ASOS Daniel Wellington discount code november 2017

Monday, 6 November 2017

& Now To Sleep..

The clocks have gone back (I think, thank god for automatic time change on iPhones) the days are shorter and were finally at that time of the year when everyone says "it's dark early isn't it", every day for about the next 2 months. A lot of things come hand in hand with the clock change, but the biggest thing has to be the string of tweets that appear every morning talking about how dark and cold it is - everyone knows when you're wrapped up like a burrito in your duvet, the outside world (aka your bedroom) seems like a frosty no-mans land compared to your current wrapped up state. 

I might be on a bit of a tangent, revisiting many a morning that i have spent like the above, but i do have a point. Getting up in winter is hard, very hard, but actually getting a good nights sleep makes getting up a hell of a lot easier, even when it's pitch black outside. 
About three weeks ago i tweeted at 6 am that i felt like i have had "approximately 0 hours sleep" and judging by the response to the tweet a lot of people felt the same - fast forward and i'm now pretty much in a sleeping pattern, i've woken up naturally just before my alarm a few times already and I'm tired enough to fall asleep at night. I mean i'm writing this at 9 am and i don't feel like i want to wrap myself in a blanket and continue watching Stranger Things, okay maybe a little bit, but it wouldn't be because i was tired. So how have i gotten to this point? Well i mean you can see from the pictures and title but continue reading anyway.. 

REN and now to sleep pillow spray review

When the email popped up to tell me that the new & Now To Sleep pillow spray from REN was on the way it seemed like the light bulb moment in a movie, i had spent the previous night tossing and turning, having weird dreams about boats and being in gameshows where you might die - so it seemed like the most perfect opportunity to try it out. 

I had no idea that the pillow spray would come with an entire little routine to put me to sleep, i tried it out the first night after i got it, which really says something seen as a lot of things stay in their box for two weeks until i remember i should've been testing them.

REN and now to sleep pillow spray review

REN is obviously most well known for their skincare, it's a range i always saw in the beautiful M&S beauty department and longed for for quite a while, until a few months ago when i got the chance to try out the primer/skincare hybrid that is the Perfect Canvas. Other than that though i had never tired any of the actual skincare products, and as we all know my one true love is my evening skincare routine, so the three night time appropriate minis in the kit have revamped my routine. 

REN and now to sleep pillow spray review

I used to love cleansing balms, they were a part of my daily routine for years but my constant desire to change products meant i had drifted from them recently - the No 1 Purity cleansing balm has reignited my love for the balm. When you squeeze this out it's almost a solid, but in a few seconds after warming it between your finger tips it melts down to a beautiful oily texture. 
I have oily blemish prone skin (if i haven't said that enough) so you might think a cleanser like this would be the last thing that i need, but oily cleansing balms actually work amazingly to balance the skin. This is so gentle too, so you get a clean face without the harsh stripping or drying sensations from cleansers that are usually marketed towards my skin type. 

An overnight mask is not something that i've really ever dabbled in before, the thought of leaving anything other than a moisturiser on my skin for a long time kind of terrifies me, but i got along pretty well with this. The Wake Wonderful night time facial actually reacted really well with my skin, despite my fears of waking up with a face like a tomato - the biggest thing i noticed was how soft my skin felt but the overall appearance was noticeably better too. 

Night creams and moisturisers are not something i switch up, to reference my oily/acne prone skin again, something that stays on my skin for all day or night needs to not break me out - so once i find something that doesn't react badly with my face, i tend to keep it close and not stray. Even with my problematic face my skin loves the Revitalising night cream, it didn't clog my pores which is like 99% of what i look for in a moisturiser, and it feels really lightweight whilst hydrating and brightening. Aka everything you could possibly want from a moisturiser! 

REN and now to sleep pillow spray review

I drink a cup of tea about an hour before i go to bed every single night, i've been known to come back from a night out at 2 am and still have a cup of tea, it's probably part of the reason i've struggled sleeping in the past. Even though drinking tea isn't as bad as drinking a coffee right before you sleep, there's still caffeine in a good old brew; but as i'm not willing to break the habit of having a hot drink before bed, this Snooze Sleepy Tea has proved an interesting replacement. 

I'm not sure whether there's scientific evidence behind this but i do think it helps me drift off, there's something calming about a warm drink and the blend of sleepy scents like lavender and camomile that remind me of sleeping, and that must have some type of effect on the brain right? 

REN and now to sleep pillow spray review zoella lifestyle mug

Finally onto the main event, the & Now To Sleep spray itself. I always felt like pillow sprays were something that people who really have their life together own, can't you imagine someone who's living their best life misting a lavender scented spray over their pillow every night, before waking up perfectly rested at 7 am? I can. 
Part of the image i had in my head meant i was sceptical however, i never really imagined pillow sprays would have too much of an effect on your sleep, but turns out i was just plain wrong. The first night i tried this was the first night i didn't actually wake up tossing and turning for weeks. I slept through the night, i felt like a parent with a new born baby who didn't wake them up during the night for the first time ever, except i was both the parent and the baby. 

The lavender and frankincense in this means you smell it and you just want to sleep, i like to take a few minutes to properly breath this in once my head hits the pillow to make sure i get the full effect, and the time it takes me to drift off is definitely reduced after using it. A little goes a long way with this too, i can't see myself running out of the bottle too quickly because you really only need 2 sprays either side of your pillow - just don't do what i did one night and spray it completely out of reach of where your nose is located once you're lying down. 
The quality of my sleep is greatly improved and getting up in these cold mornings is now a whole lot easier, who knew a pillow spray could do so much? 

REN and now to sleep pillow spray review

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Have you ever streamlined your sleep routine? 

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